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American Casting Calls For 22lavender Brown22 In 22harry Potter And The Halfblood Prince22
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Chapter Summary Of Harry Potter27s First Book
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Difference Between Houses In Harry Potter
Discrmination On Harry Potter And The Sorcerer27s Stone
Harry Potterthemes And Motifs
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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets On Tape Free Library
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer27s Stone Banning
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer27s Stone Theme And Summary
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Harry Potter Hogwarts House Characteristics
Harry Potter Houses Characteristics
Harry Potter House Characteristics
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22summary Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer27s Stone


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The seventh Harry Potter book is perhaps the most eagerly anticipated Harry Potter book of them all because‚Ä"gasp!‚Ä"it will reportedly be the last book in the immensely popular Harry Potter book series. There are a myriad of rumors floating about the seventh Harry Potter book. Recently, JK Rowling, the hugely successful creator of the Harry Potter books, announced the title for the seventh and final installment of the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. When the title was released, a flurry of rumors was also released. The title sounded a little spooky to some readers, and very intriguing to others.

Now that Harry fans everywhere know what the title of the last Harry Potter will be, it has opened up a Pandora ’s Box of rumors. Will Harry die in the final installment? Will he finally face the dark Lord Voldemort? What will happen to all of the characters? Here is a brief overview of the latest rumors about the seventh Harry Potter book. JK Rowling has mentioned in previous interviews that the final chapter of the Harry Potter series has been written for quite some time. Many fans now wonder what that ending has in store for them.

One of the biggest rumors regarding the seventh Harry Potter is that Harry will die in the final installment. Fans have analyzed all previous JK Rowling interviews for clues about what she plans to do in the final book. Various interpretations abound. Some fans believe that Rowling has hinted that Harry will indeed be offed in the seventh book. This is because of comments made by Rowling in which she talks about the temptation to off a main character so that sequels cannot be written years later by a different author. However, in other interviews, Rowling has stated that she does not feel tempted to kill Harry off because she cares about him dearly and had always planned to take him all the way to the seventh book. Most fans believe that Harry will survive in the seventh book, but the death of Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has caused some fans to think that it is a distinct possibility.

Another of the major rumors about the seventh and final Harry Potter book is that Dumbledore will return in an important way. This has caused some readers to speculate about whether Dumbledore truly did die in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Did he really die, or was it some kind of illusion? Some readers believe that Dumbledore will return in some kind of ghost or phantom form. Another of the major rumors circulating around the latest Harry Potter book is the possibility that Severus Snape, the snarling mean professor, will actually turn out to be a good character. It is also rumored that Petunia Dursley, Harry's mean aunt, will play a very crucial role in the final installment.

Another of the major rumors swirling around the final installment of the Harry Potter book series has to do with the release date of the last volume. It is rumored that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be officially released on July 7, 2007. That means the date is 07/07/07. Many fans agree that this would be a very clever and appropriate way to roll-out the final Harry Potter book. There is no doubt that there will be lines around the block on whatever the release date turns out to be. If past sales have been any indication, there is no doubt that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be the most successful Harry Potter book ever. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 2:29:55 PM