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All Charms Of Harry Potter

The very popular Harry Potter books created by JK Rowling have become some of the most successful books in recent publishing history. But they have also become a lightning rod for controversy. Why all the fuss over a children's book series? Why are the censor fires all ablaze when it comes to Harry Potter literature? No doubt, the Harry Potter books have caught the attention of those who believe that the book series irresponsibly dabbles in the occult. Some people, especially those involved with fundamentalist Christian churches have argued that the popular book series is sending the wrong message to millions of impressionable young readers. This sentiment has led many conservative and religious groups to attempt to ban the Harry Potter books from public libraries and schools.

A lot of the controversy that has swirled around JK Rowling has to do with the opposition from fundamentalist conservative religious groups. These groups are opposed to the alleged occult, pagan and witchcraft themes in the Harry Potter books. Some Christian groups have argued that the Harry Potter series is irresponsible promoting pagan imagery and ideas, and that these ideas should not be promoted to readers who are young and often impressionable.

The American Library Association has been dealing with legal battles surrounding the Harry Potter books since the series first caught fire with the public. The American Library Association has announced that since 1999, the Harry Potter books have been at the top of their list as some of the most protested books in recent memory. Some American churches have chosen to ban the books in public demonstrations as protest to the book's alleged pagan imagery and ideas. Some conservative groups have agreed that the Harry Potter books do contain Christina themes and ideas. The spokesman for Focus on the Family, a conservative Christian lobbying group, has said in interviews that the Harry Potter books espouse important themes about the victory of good over evil. However, the spokesman argues that the books come packaged in the medium of witchcraft. He argues, the notion of witchcraft is not allowed in the Holy Scripture.

In 2002, an anti-Harry Potter comic book tract was released by a fundamentalist Christian group. The group produced a comic book called “The Nervous Witch.” The two main characters in "The Nervous Witch" begin to practice in the occult and witchcraft after reading all of the Harry Potter books. The comic book came with an accompanying DVD argued that the Harry potter books were simply witchcraft that had been repackaged in modern times.

Because of this controversy from conservative Christian groups, the Harry Potter books have frequently come under the threat of censorship. They have been challenged in court many times because of their alleged inappropriate subject matter. The books are regarded as the seventh most-challenged book in the United States. However, it does not appear that the censorship attempts will ever stick. The book continues to be widely available, and there have been no known successful attempts to keep the book censored from schools or public libraries. It appears that no matter how many censorship attempts are made against the Harry Potter books, no real censorship could ever keep this wildly successful franchise away from bookshelves and public libraries. In fact, most young readers devour the Harry Potter books without even realizing that the material they are reading has been embroiled in such controversy. Most readers enjoy the Harry Potter world for the whimsical and magical world that it depicts, and does not particularly view the series as controversial in any meaningful kind of way that would warrant the book being censored.