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Bedspread Harry Potter

bedspread harry potter

Hermione Granger is the third point in the Harry Potter triangle. The other points being, of course Harry himself, and the lovable Ron Weasley. With a sharp intelligence and sensible nature, Hermione represents the brains of the best friend triangle. Hermioneâ€"full name Hermione Jane Grangerâ€"is said to have been born on September 19, 1979. She is of course a fictional creation from the mind of JK Rowling, creator of the massively successful Harry Potter books, but she seems real to many young readers of the Harry Potter book series, especially young girls who admire Hermione’s detective skills and intellectual nature. In the movie versions of the books, Hermione is played by the young British actress Emma Watson. On a side note: some readers have complained that Hermione’s name, upon a first reading, is a bit difficult to pronounce. JK Rowling has commented that she would not have named her character Hermione if she would have though it would cause readers such problems. The character is said to be named after a Shakespeare character.

Like Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, Hermione Grangers is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is curiously also one of the oldest students in her class. This is because she was born on September 19, 1979. This made her too young to join the previous class of Hogwarts students, since the cut-off date was just a few weeks prior to her turning eleven years old. So now she is one of the oldest students in her class, and some would say that she had demonstrated such maturity. She is not only mature but also owns a very keen intellect. She is also very sensible, brave, and fiercely loyal to her friends. However, she is also quite sensitive.

In the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Ron pokes fun at Hermione and she runs off to the bathroom to cry. When Ron realizes just how sensitive the ‘smart’ girl is, he treats her with more care and sensitivity. However, some would argue that this is character weakness and shows her lack of emotionally maturity and development. Also, some readers have noted that Hermione is not always cool under pressure. For instance, when she finds herself caught in the grips of the Devil’s Snare plant, she shrieks her head off and forgets to enact the flame spell that could potentially save her. However, other readers have argued that Hermione’s perceived character weaknesses are merely an extension of plot development. Some argue that Rowling needs Hermione (and other characters) to act in certain ways in order to move the plot along, and that this episode does not necessarily speak ill of Hermione.

Despite these perceived character weaknesses, most readers would agree that Hermione is a dedicated and loyal friend. Most would describe her as brave, fiercely intelligent and always willing to help. Moreover, many readers notes, usually her plan of action is the best, and Ron and Harry usually follow her lead. Physically, Hermione is described as having a head full of bushy brown hair and big brown eyes. She has been described as having rather big front teeth. In the past, some of her fellow classmates at Hogwarts have teased her about her experience. However, Hermione has become strong under the weight of frequent teasing. She seems to have developed a healthy self-esteem and strong sense of self. As she enters adolescence, Hermione is described as blossoming into a beautiful young woman. However, her true beauty lies in her inner strength, her strong political consciousness, and fiercely loyal attitude toward her good friends. There is no doubt that Harry and Ron would simply be lost without her.