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Harry Potter Houses Characteristics

harry potter houses characteristics

The notion of life debt is fascinating one that crops up occasionally in the hugely popular Harry Potter books. Although it is not mentioned frequently, the idea of life debt permeates the entire series, because it is an important and intriguing idea that can be traced all the way back to ancient times. But what is life debt, precisely, and how does it affect the way the characters interact with each other in the Harry Potter books? Here is a brief overview into that always interesting topic: life debt.

Life debt can be accurately described as a phenomenon of sorts that flourishes in certain cultures. The basic premise of life debt has to do with what happens when someone saves someone else’s life. This brings to focus several important questions that arise when someone’s life is saved by another. Does that person owe them anything in return? And if it is determined that one does indeed owe something to that person who has save one’s life, what exactly does one owe? The idea of life debt can also be brought into focus when someone’s life has been spared (and not necessarily saved) by another person. The basic idea behind life debt is that someone whose life has been saved or spared by another person owes them. The person who was saved or spared is somehow indebted to their rescuer. Life debt can involve any number of things. Sometimes, life debt involves a lifelong servitude on behalf of the person who was saved or spared. The contract behind every life debt is different. For some, it may involve lifelong servitude. For others, it may involve servitude until the rescued one can pay back the life debt in some way.

In many classical works, life debt nearly always relates to some kind of unspoken mystical or spiritual connection between the two individuals. Life debts are frequently used in works that are described as fantasy. However, life debt is also a real world concept that is used in some world cultures. But it is most commonly seen as a theme or motif in works of fiction and literature. It makes sense, then, that JK Rowling would choose to incorporate this classic idea into the Harry Potter books. In the JK Rowling books, the concept of life debt crops up every now and then, although it is not really a central theme or focus of the books.

In the popular Harry Potter series, the concept of life debt is weaved dexterously by Rowling into many of the themes and plot outlines of her Harry Potter books. The concept of life debt in the Harry Potter books usually involves one wizard somehow saving the life of another wizard. This creates a deep bond between the two wizards involved. This bond can be described as a life debt. Here are some of the most obvious examples of life debt as they appear in the Harry Potter book series. One of the most interesting life debt scenarios in the Harry Potter series has to do with action that occurs before the actual story of Harry at Hogwarts begins. This has to do with the time in which James Potter, Harry’s deceased father, saves the life of Snape. Although James Potter has long passed, the fact that James saved Snape’s life has shaped the way Snape’s life has turned out. Another life debt scene occurs when Harry spares the life of Peter Pettigrew. Readers still do not know how this life debt scenario will play out, but the life debt between these two characters will surely be explored in Rowling’s next volume of the series.