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Draco Malfoy

draco malfoy

If you are planning on hosting a children’s party, or even an adult party, why not consider livening up the festivities with Harry Potter games? Most young children and adults are familiar with the Harry Potter book series, and many parents have even found that they are just as much, if not more, into Harry Potter than their children are. Here are some ideas for bringing a literary (and magical) flourish to your next party celebration. All of these Harry Potter party games can be adapted to suit just about any age level or familiarity with the novels, although since the film version of the Harry Potter books have been released, almost everyone is somewhat familiar with the Harry Potter universe. Here are five fun Harry Potter games that you can use to liven up your next party or family celebration.

1. Play Harry’s favorite game: Quidditch. In the Harry Potter books, Quidditch is inarguably Harry’s favorite game. In fact, all of the houses of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are mad about Quidditch. But you don’t need a magical broomstick to play Quidditch. Simply provide your guests with some broomsticks and choose a nice open place to play the game in. Divide all of your guests into two teams and set up two goals on opposite side of the yard or play area. You can play a ‘muggles’ version of Quidditch by having players try to brush the ball over the opposite team’s goal line. Whichever side scores the most points by the end of game time is the winner.

2. Have your party guests make their own Harry Potter magic potion. This is a fun party activity, especially for young children. Have your party guests mix two cups of white glue with 1 ½ cups of water. Of course, you will want to supervise if you have younger kids doing this activity. After the glue and water have been mixed, add a few drops of food coloring to each potion. Next, use a separate container to mix two teaspoons of borax in 2/3 cup of warm water. Combine this mixture well. Let your party guests watch as you complete this mixture. Next, ask the party guests to mix the borax mixture with the glue solution. Again, ask your guests to watch what happens when the two are mixed together. Again, it is recommended that you supervise young children well while they make their magic potion, as well as having them wear protective smocks.

3. For young adults or grown-up Harry fans: hold a Harry Potter trivia match. If your party guests happen to be big Harry Potter fans, why not hold a Harry Potter trivia match to determine who the biggest Harry Potter fan in the room really is. There are plenty of commercially available Harry Potter games out there that you can purchase for such an occasion. Or if you prefer, you can easily devise your own Harry Potter trivia game. Simply bring out your favorite Harry Potter volumes and use the books to come up with your own guests. You can even pass the books around and have your party guests try to stump each other with different questions from the books.

4. Have your guests make magician hats or wizard capes. This is a fun craft activity if you have young guests. Simply provide the youngsters with silky fabric, felt tip pens, and glue-on decals with star, moon and lightning bolt shapes. You can also use inexpensive felt pieces to cut out the shapes yourself. Or simply have your guests draw on the shapes themselves.


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