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All Charms Of Harry Potter
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Bloomsbury Harry Potter Translation Marathi
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Harry Potter Translation Issues

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Draco Malfoy


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draco malfoy

The world of Harry Potter is riddled with magic, charms and potions. One of the most prominent sources of magic in the Harry Potter series is the wands that our favorite wizards in training use at Hogwarts. What are these wands, exactly, and what do they use them for? It is clear that their wands are important, as they always figure prominently into the pivotal battle scenes that constitute the climaxes in all of the Harry Potter books in JK Rowling’s immensely popular series.

The wands used by the wizards in the Harry Potter series allow them to perform feats of magic that cannot be accomplished otherwise. While the young wizards in training at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry are able to perform all kinds of charms, spells and bits of magic, they are limited by what they can do without their wand. Most of the time, in order to enact a truly powerful spell or charm, the young wizards must use their wands. Magic is definitely possible without a wand, but it is much more challenging and difficult. One of the most interesting aspects about the wizard’s wands in the Harry Potter books is how personal they are. Apparently, no two wands are exactly alike. This fact was made obvious to the reader when Harry Potter was ‘trying on’ his wand during his first shopping trip to Diagon Alley. When Harry went shopping for his first wand, he had to try out many wands before finding just the right one. How did he find the wand? He had to wave around several wands. Many wands seemed useless in his hands, until he found one that made sparks when he waved it. Harry had finally found just the right wand.

What are the wands in the Harry Potter books made of? Like with most other aspects of the Harry Potter series, Rowling has provided plenty of description about the nature of these special wands For instance, Rowling describes the wizard’s wands as being made out of wood. Most wands appear to be made out of wood, and they usually have deep core made out of an organic substance that is also magical. Some of the most common organic parts of the wizard wands include unicorn tails, phoenix tail feathers, yeela hair, and dragon heartstrings. One of the most interesting aspects of the wizard’s wands in the Harry Potter books is that wands that are made with the same core substances or objects are prone to enacting the same effects. For instance, when Lord Voldemort tries to fight Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, he finds that his wand will not work properly. Why wouldn’t Lord Voldemort’s wand work against Harry’s wand in that thrilling scene? The reason that the two wands failed to fight against each other is because they both contain the same core organic objects. Both Harry and Lord Voldemort’s wands contained a tail feather from a phoenixâ€"the Fawkes, the phoenix belonging to Albus Dumbledore.

We know that Harry and most of the other Hogwarts students probably purchased their wands in Diagon Alley, along with the other of their required school supplies. But JK Rowling has provided readers with an assortment of specific shop names where the students shop. It appears that the only wand shop that is specifically named in the Harry Potter series is called Ollivander’s, and it is own by Ollivander. However, it does appear possible that students have procured their wands elsewhere, for Ollivander himself mentions that Viktor Krum’s wand, which is thicker than most wands, was a Gregorovitch creation.

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