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Harry Potter Favorite Subject
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22marketing Harry Potter22
A Summary Of Harry Potter
About Ravenclaw
Animal Of Ravenclaw Is
Bedspread Harry Potter
C H U Gl K
Chapter Summary Of Harry Potter27s First Book
Difference Between Uk American Harry Potter
Discrmination On Harry Potter And The Sorcerer27s Stone
E Heisis
Four Houses Of Hogwarts Characteristics
Gryffindor Bedspread
Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Boo And Movie Differences
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer27s Stone Houses Animal Symbols
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer27s Stone Theme And Summary
Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone Synopsis Voldemort
Harry Potter Audio Tape Online
Harry Potter Audio Tapes Online
Harry Potter Characteristcs
Harry Potter Characteristics
Harry Potter Crossword Puzzles Online
Harry Potter Curtains And Bedspread
Harry Potter Curtains
Harry Potter Differences Uk American
Harry Potter Dursley Sorcerer
Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire House Colors

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Four Houses Of Hogwarts Characteristics


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Do you have teenager at home who is obsessed with the Harry Potter books and movies? Fortunately, there is a good selection out there of fun and educational gifts out there made precisely for such literary loving teens. Here are five great Harry Potter themed gifts that your favorite literary loving teen is sure to love.

1. Harry Potter themed journals. There are many Harry Potter gifts available out there that are suitable for teenagers, but what could be better than getting your favorite literary loving teen a Harry Potter themed journal. A blank journal is the perfect place for a teenager to put down their private thoughts, ideas, dreams, aspirations, frustrations, and anything and everything that is on their mind. If your teenager enjoys literature or perhaps has aspirations to someday pen their own set of novels like JK Rowling, then a Harry Potter themed journal would be a thoughtful and helpful gift to help them get started on the road to literary success. You can purchase a wonderful boxed set of three Harry Potter Journals from Scholastic, Inc. for approximately $26.00. The boxed set comes with three soft cover blank journals that are ready to be filled with stories, doodles, diary entries, or anything else that your teen may want to create or imagine. Each journal comes with 144 pages.

2. A 300 piece Harry Potter themed puzzle with a special decoder. This fun gift will make your teen work his or her brain muscles. This puzzle is unusual because it is a puzzle of the vicious three headed dog that kept Harry, Hermione and Ron from entering the mysterious chamber that housed the sorcerer’s stone. In this special puzzle, the player must find the stone that lies hidden in the puzzle. The 300 pieces must be assembled in order to find the magic stone. A magic decoder will help your literary teen discover the five clue objects that will lead them to the sorcerer’s stone.

3. Harry Potter Ties. Most teens do not like to dress up, but for those special occasions when a tie is required, why not equip your teen with a dazzling Harry Potter themed tie. These distinguished ties come in the Gryffindor colors (maroon and gold), and in the Slytherin colors (silver and green). These special ties can be tied in a grown-up Windsor knot, or can be worn in a short sloppy knot for school uniforms. When your teen needs to dress up, give them a special Harry Potter themed tie to look their literary best.

4. A special double buckle leather Harry Potter briefcase. Which teenager doesn’t need a little help organizing their school supplies? If you know a teenager who is a big Harry Potter fan and could use a little help organizing their belongings or perhaps a place to carry their special writing utensils, this high quality leather briefcase may be just the thing. This briefcase is roomy and professional-looking, with a small distinguished Hogwarts emblem on the front.

5. A Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest Leather Wallet. Any literary-minded teenager is sure to appreciate this special Harry Potter leather wallet. It comes in a distressed leather look and features the Gryffindor emblem across the front, and a special Gryffindor patch inside. There is enough room ID cards, money, and much more. Your favorite teen can keep their personal items secure with this wallet because it comes equipped with a 12-inch chain that straps to the belt buckle. The wallet stays safe and secure with a strong metal snap. Also, the wallet comes with our favorite wizard’s initial, an “H” embroidered on the front. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 2 seconds. Current time: 10:25:08 PM