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Harry Potter Christian View

Ron Weasley stands as one of the most ideal representations of a best friend ever to be penned into the world of fiction. As Harry Potter’s best buddy, fans the world over have become endeared to the lovable Ron Weasley. Even after the adolescent spats that they have encountered in recent years, fans everywhere still love Ron Weasley. Why? He is sincere, funny, and always loyal to everyone’s favorite boy wizard, Harry Potter. Here is a brief overview of everyone’s favorite best friend, Ron Weasley.

Ron Weasley, full name Ronald Bilius ‘Ron’ Weasley, is said to have been born on the first of March, 1980. Although he is a fictional character in JK Rowling’s fantastically successful Harry Potter book series, many readers and critics alike have noted that Ron Weasley stands as one of Rowling’s most credible and realistic fictional characters. Ron Weasley bears all the trademark stripes of the large Weasley clan: they all have flaming red hair, blue eyes, and are usually rather tall and gangly. And Ron Weasley is no exception: he is all of these things. He is also described as having freckles, big hands and feet, and a rather long nose. In very popular Harry Potter films, he is portrayed by the young actor Rupert Grint.

Like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley also belongs to the house of Gryffindor at Hogwarts. He became best friends with Harry and Hermione Granger during their first year together at Hogwarts. Like Hermione, Ron Weasley nearly always plays a pivotal role in Harry’s adventures. Like Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley also represents a kind of foil to Harry’s character. While Harry Potter is an orphan who has been mistreated by his relatives, Ron Weasley comes from a large and very loving tight knit family. He has several older brothers, all of whom are well-regarded graduates of Hogwarts School.

However, in such a big family, it can be easy at times to feel lost. Ron often feels overshadowed by his older brothers. To further compound these feelings, Ron Weasley is usually considered to have average wizarding abilities. He does not seem to excel or stand out, and he sometimes feels ignored because of this fact. Harry Potter is usually the one to receive the limelight, and this causes a rift in their relationship later in the series. The two characters"Harry and Ron"also serve as important thematic foils to one another in another important respect. While Ron is rich with family, his family is not rich. His family has meager financial holdings, and Draco Malfoy often teases him because of this. Meanwhile, while Harry has a big inheritance, he lacks the richness of Ron’s large and tight knit family.

Ron Weasley’s parents are Arthur and Molly Weasley. Ron is the sixth of their seventh children, and he is the youngest son. He has a younger sister, Ginny, who will eventually become Harry Potter’s love interest. Ron Weasley grew up with his family in The Burrow, which is close to the village of Ottery St. Catchpole in Devon. His five older brothers are called Bill, Charlie, Percy, and the twins, Fred and George. The Weasley family is interesting because they hail from a very old pure-blood wizarding family. However, they do not discriminate against muggles or muggle-born wizards. Ron Weasley stands out from his large family because he is funny and sometimes described as a bit goofy. However, it is precisely these characteristics that has endeared Ron Weasley to so many fans of the Harry Potter books the world over. Many readers argue that the series simply would not work as well without the lovable Ron Weasley by Harry’s side.