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The Different Types Of Popcorn

the different types of popcorn

Perhaps you already own a home theater system and are generally pleased with its performance, but have some desire for an improvement. You know your system is basically adequate and don’t really have any specific complaints, but you know the experience could be better. What can you do? You certainly don’t want to scrap the system you have built and start anew. You just need something different to add a little spark to the home theater viewing and listening experience.

There a few simple adjustments you can make that may beef up your home theater system considerably. Some of these solutions can breathe a great deal of new life into an old system, rendering it far more valuable and enjoyable to use.

Bring the bass.

Sound is half of the home theater experience. Some audiophiles would argue that it is worth even more than that. A great sound system can really elevate a movie’s quality and bring it to life. Most home theater set-ups recognize this. They feature an adequately powered set of speakers, often in five separate channels, to provide a great "surround sound."

However, that is not always enough to really get the most out of a film. Many have found that the surround sound system of speakers does a great job in the midranges and with higher sounds but under-performs on the lower end of the sonic spectrum. As such, subwoofers are very popular add-ons for home theater systems.

The subwoofer is a separate speaker that handles the bass in an audio transmission. If you have ever experienced that wonderful thumping sensation of low music and sound, you were probably experiencing a great subwoofer in action. The subwoofer doesn’t just supply the bass (although it does that wonderfully), it also frees up the rest of the system to concentrate on its strengths.

By adding a subwoofer to aid your sound system, you can give your home theater system a real boost.

Better connections.

Cabling is an often overlooked aspect of home theater design. The cables that connect your components and speakers together transmit all of the necessary power and information that produces picture and sound. We often think that any old cable will do. However, some have found that replacing older cables and cheaper ones with higher quality materials can actually boos the quality of video and audio considerably.

If your system seems a little flat, a new set of cables might be just what you need. Changing from the stock cables that may have come with your components to higher end cables featuring better conducting connectors and less overall resistance may improve the performance of your system a great deal.

These two ideas can really revitalize a home theater system whether done separately or in tandem. The overall quality of the viewing and listening experience can receive a real facelift from using these two tried and true techniques. If you system just seems a little bit lacking, you may want to consider adding a subwoofer to your audio mix. You may also want to make a relatively small investment in some high end cabling, as the replacement of your old wiring may make your system sound new again.

Before you junk your slightly under performing home theater system, try one of these techniques and see if it doesn’t produce just the kind of results for which you are looking