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Choosing The Right Screen

choosing the right screen

You want the movie experience in your living room. You fantasize about turning the guest bedroom into a full-featured home theater. Towering speakers, a giant screen, ear-splitting sound, top of the line equipment, great seats and even a popcorn machine and a soda fountain in the back of the room. Then, you check the balance on your checking account and your home theater fantasy seems to be the least likely thing to ever happen. You cannot afford a home theater system.

In reality, you do have a way to make it work. You just need to put together a system on the cheap.

Have a television set? If it works well and is tolerably sized, you are half way home. Do you have a DVD player? If not you can find one cheap these days. You probably already own a stereo receiver and a few speakers. Now, you are getting closer. You can play the DVD visuals on your television and route the sound through the stereo using an auxiliary input. You now have a home theater system. Will it scare the Dickinson theater chain out of business? Of course not, but it is true stereo town with a digital medium. It may not be high-end, but it is the base of a home theater system. It will at least give you an idea that things can be better when you are not relying on the tiny speaker hidden within your television.

If your basics up aren't up to par or you simply want to do a little better, you can shop around for some great deals. You won't have to spend a fortune to assemble a basic home theater system, particularly if you are careful to shop wisely. Online sources may sell components cheaper than you can find them in the stores. Holiday sales may give you a cheap way of collecting some of the equipment you need. Although you don't want to buy junk to save a few dollars, you can concentrate your efforts on some cheaper products and still emerge with a workable and entertaining home theater system in the end.

If the idea of finding those separate components doesn't excite you, you may be able to solve your problems with an 'all-in-one' or 'in a box' solution. These cheaper rigs generally come with a receiver, DVD player and the necessary speakers to create a surround sound effect. If you purchase one of these systems and add a simple twenty-seven inch television, you have created a home theater system that may very well serve your needs adequately, particularly if you live in a smaller space.

Putting together a great home theater can be affordable and easy. An entire home theater may come to well under a thousand dollars-including the purchase of a new television set. Assembling a system piece by piece can still be done for well under a thousand dollars. If one is willing to spend two thousand total dollars, they can create a very impressive system. That really isn't too bad for a complete home theater that will allow you to enjoy television and film to the utmost. These cheaper options may not rival a multimillionaire's special movie room, but it will still be enough to satisfy the needs of most people and make video entertainment exceedingly enjoyable.

If you can accurately ascertain your needs and budgets and are then willing to do some very smart shopping, you can put together an impressive home theater system on the cheap. Each of those steps is critical: in order to avoid either overspending or disappointment, you must have an idea of what you want to accomplish. By knowing what you can spend in order to effectuate your goals you will have an idea of how much you can spend on each component as you hunt for bargains. Doing those things will allow someone of virtually any income group to have a home theater system in which they can take pride