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Choosing The Right Screen

choosing the right screen

Everyone is looking for the best possible deal when they shop. When they are looking for more expensive non-essential items, like a home theater, that desire for a great deal almost becomes a necessity. One can spend a great deal building the perfect home theater. However, some great techniques can help a buyer save a bundle. By shopping for discontinued items, refurbished components and open box pieces, the home theater buyer can cut their costs tremendously.

Discontinued Items

If money is no object and you simply must have the latest in high technology for your home theater system, looking at discontinued items will not be too appealing. However, if you are like most of us and could stand to save a few dollars, last year's model may be the perfect fix.

Every year, component manufacturers roll out new product lines. Sometimes the latest models are a far superior product than earlier versions. In other cases, the changes may be merely aesthetic. Often, when the new products come in, retailers will deeply discount older product lines that are no longer in production. This can give a buyer a chance at some great savings if they know what they are looking for.

You do not want to compromise the quality of your home theater, so make sure the discontinued product truly possesses the characteristics you need in order to be happy with the finished set-up. If a discontinued item cannot really deliver what you need, it simply is not the right purchase for you. However, by doing your homework you might find a discontinued product line that really does delivery more than enough of what you need-at a greatly reduced price.

Refurbished Items

If a manufacturer ships a unit to retailers and it comes out of the box with a blemish or a single broken knob or toggle switch, it may end up being sent back for refurbishment. Factory technicians restore the slightly damaged product to 'good as new' status. Nonetheless, the products are considered 'refurbished' and generally command a lower price when they return to store shelves.

Even in cases where real damage did exist, the unit is generally well repaired prior to resale. Refurbished components also generally come with all standard new product guarantees and warranties in place.

These factors make refurbished home theater components a great possible way to save money when putting together a system. You get the same product found on other shelves at full price for a fraction of the cost while bearing no additional risk.

Open Items

Eventually, even the display models are sold. If you are the person who buys that display model, you can save a fortune, too. As new products replace the old or a new sale takes over for a seasonal special, display models are retired. These store-used products are generally offered at a greatly reduce price and still carry all original guarantees and warranties.

One should note that some display models end their shelf lives in better shape than others do. One surely does not want to invest in a piece that looks over-used or worn down. If there are signs of a problem, the display model should be avoided. In many cases, however, the display model is a perfect alternative to paying full retail.

Display models are not the only 'open item' bargains. Often, stores will process returns of orders that simply did not meet a customer's needs or that were unwanted gifts. As a rule, if the package has been opened, the retailer will drop the price. Just because someone's Aunt Margaret did not want that DVD player does not mean that it will not be perfect for you! Searching out open item bargains can be a great way to save a lot on your home theater purchase.

By expanding one's horizons to consider discontinued products, refurbished models and opened items, the home theater shopper can find some great bargains and bring down the price of his or her system considerably. For those who feel the need for only the newest and only the best, these options may seem almost gauche. For the rest of us, however, they are a welcome way to save a few dollars on an otherwise expensive proposition


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