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Even if you have selected the right screen, projection system, home theater seating and accents, the experience is not complete without your favorite films on hand. For the new home theater enthusiast, compiling a large library of films can be a daunting task. There are many different places that you can spend your movie-buying budget and it is important to get the best value for your money.

The first option most people think of is visiting a local retailer. One of the advantages to shopping at stores like these is convenience. This is especially true with Target and Wal-Mart. Since these stores have a wide variety of other items to choose from, picking up a DVD movie while shopping for other items is quick and convenient. You may already be shopping at stores like these on a weekly or monthly basis anyway, so you do not have to go out of your way to build your DVD movie collection. On the downside, these stores are limited in their inventory of DVD movies. Often times, these stores are promoting a specific set of DVD movies. Normally, the DVD movies being promoted are the recent DVD releases. These releases are normally in a higher price range, $15 to $20, and are available in the stores for a limited time.

As more people become comfortable with shopping online buying DVD movies there as well is gaining in popularity. There are several different methods to buying online: using a popular brick and mortar retailer’s website, shopping from a popular online retailer and bargain hunting on auction websites.

For the first time internet buyer, there is a level of comfort and trust in shopping with a traditional brick and mortar retailer’s website. Sites such as Target.com, Walmart.com, BestBuy.com and CircuitCity.com bring the trusted retailers to your home computer. The benefit of using these familiar retailers online is that you are already comfortable with shopping from the company. The problem of limited stock and inventory is removed with using a website, rather than visiting the local store.

There are a few online retailers that have come to the forefront in the internet commerce world. These trusted websites have been around for many years and offer a safe and secure system to get great deals on your DVD movie purchases. One such online retailer is Amazon.com. This website offers a wide variety of items to choose from. The DVD selection is incredible and there are ratings and lists to help you choose additional movies based on your genre preferences. Using the recommendations can be a great way to build your movie library and stretch your film watching experiences.

There are some things to keep in mind when using any internet retailer. Keep careful records of your transaction so that if there is a problem with shipping, you have your order number and confirmation number handy to give to customer service. Also, factor in the price of shipping and handling when comparing the costs of buying DVD movies online and from a local retailer. A purchase that seems like an incredible deal may not hold its value when you add in the shipping and handling charges. Many websites offer free shipping when you purchase a specified amount (such as $50), so it might be a smart idea to compile a list of movies that you wish to buy. This way you can benefit from the shipping discount.

Perhaps the best deals online can be found in auction websites such as Ebay.com and Overstock.com. These sites host auctions that are set up by individuals and small companies. Auctions can be a terrific way to find out of production DVD movies and cult classics. The benefit of shopping on the auction sites is that there is a better chance of getting bargain basement deals on your favorite films. These sites can be a bit confusing for the beginner. There is also the risk of getting a low quality reproduction of your favorite film. However, most people who run auctions on these websites conduct themselves very professionally so the overall risk is minimal. Keep in mind that there will be a shipping fee on most auctions.

For those who are comfortable with spending time learning the auction website’s format, these websites can offer the best deals on DVD movies. If you would like a simpler approach to online buying, there are several other websites available that provide DVD movies for lower prices than you can find in local stores. So start your DVD wish list and comparison shop for the best deals

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