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After spending money on home theater equipment, it is only natural that you'll want to spend some time in choosing the proper place to store your equipment. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from in audio video furniture. It is wise to spend time evaluating the plan for your home theater space, as well as your budget, when deciding on the best audio video furniture for you.

The simplest audio video furniture for your home theater space is the stand or simple cabinet. These types of audio video stands are designed have clean simple lines and house a minimal amount of equipment. They are normally lower in height and stand only a few feet off the ground. The stand or simple cabinet consists of two to three shelves that may be open or have doors. The advantage to having doors on your unit is that dust and other particles are kept away from the sensitive audio video equipment. Styles include wooden and metal-framed units to suit every sensibility. Depending on the materials used and the actual size of the unit, these low cabinets range in price from $300 to $2500. It is important that you understand the weight requirements of the unit that you purchase so you can accommodate your home theater set up. Risking your equipment on cheaply made cabinets can cost your thousands of dollars.

To add storage space to your home theater system, consider adding four and five shelf tall units to your low cabinet. These tall shelving units are perfect for additional equipment that cannot be housed in the low cabinet as well as your DVD movie collection. Each cabinet shelf can be devoted to a different film genre to make searching for the perfect movie simple and effortless. In addition to tall shelf units, there are also tall units that can house front left and front right speakers. This is an excellent option to consider in order to protect your speakers from exposure to the elements. This is especially important if your audio video area is in direct sunlight during parts of the day. Taller storage cabinets have a price range of $400 to $1600. Again, remember that investment in quality audio video furniture is important to the life of your equipment.

Another option is modular audio video furniture. These pieces allow you to custom build your own audio video set up. With two, three and four shelf pieces, modular audio video furniture is totally customizable. Most modular systems have open shelving set ups. This can cause some problems when it comes to keeping your equipment free from dust and debris. However, the flexibility of modular systems makes this an attractive option for many home theater enthusiasts. Modular systems provide sleek, compact environments for equipment. Most are constructed of glass tubing and fiberboard composite shelves. With the fiberboard shelves it is important to avoid overloading the shelves. Proper modular systems should also include carpet spikes to help secure the shelving to the carpeted floor, or vinyl glide feet for use on hardwood or tile floors. Modular audio video furniture units range in price from $90 to $800.

A very simple solution for those who do not have a lot of space for their home theater area is the mini audio system stand. These space saving units hold a wide range of speaker types and can be placed throughout the home theater area for surround sound effects. Mini audio system stands are easy to assemble and look very sleek. Quality mini audio system stands cost anywhere from $100 to $350.

Another space saving option is an enclosed rack system. When space is critical and you would like to fit all of your audio video equipment into one shelving unit, an enclosed rack system can assist you. The enclosed rack system can be installed into a cabinet area. The rack system slides out of the cabinet space and then rotates, allowing you to have access to the back wires of your audio video equipment. Quality rack systems are composed of black melamine and are secured with high-quality bolts to ensure that your audio video equipment is protected