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At The Movies Theme Party

To create a unique home theater experience, there are a variety of lighting options to choose from. When selecting the lighting for your home theater it is important to take into consideration the overall look of your home theater area. Everything from flashy neon lights to classic Hollywood style lights are available. With all lighting projects, it is important to have a certified electrician handle the work.

For those that love the personalization that one can achieve in a home theater, there are personalized wall sconces. These lights are customizable with your family name or movie themed images, such as popcorn, projectors, tickets, and comedy/tragedy masks.

An illuminating ceiling effect can be achieved with a galaxy dome. This specialized lighting fixture makes it possible to have a ceiling full of twinkling stars. The galaxy dome lights are very low heat, energy efficient and require no assembly. The starry effect is achieved through the use of LED lights making this a project that you can install yourself. No wiring is required at all. A galaxy dome is roughly $2000.

For those that want the same starry sky effect for a fraction of the price, consider a star ceiling kit. For $300, a fiber optic star kit creates a similar effect with an even easier installation. The kit covers 22 square feet of ceiling space and uses over 140 LED "stars" in blue and white to illuminate the space.

A third option for a starry night effect is using star tiles. Star tiles eliminate a lot of the installation work when using other LED light options. The LED illuminator inside the ceiling tiles combines twinkling and stationary LED lights to create a more realistic and non-distracting LED experience. Multiple tiles can be linked together to cover a wider ceiling area and the tiles only draw ¼ of a watt each.

The star tiles are available in 2’ X 2’, 2 X 4’, 4’ x 4’ and 4’ x 8’ sizes to accommodate all ceiling areas. Star tiles are almost maintenance free and are cleaned using a simple lint roller. Depending on the size of the tile, star tiles are priced from $48 to $300 each.

Nothing says classic Hollywood movie theater like wall sconces. If this is the type of effect you are trying to achieve in your home theater space, consider using wall sconces to heighten the drama of the room. When choosing the perfect sconces there are several things to consider. First, the shape of the sconce is important in creating the look of your home theater space. Sconces are available in square, cone, mushroom, wave and half moons styles. Also popular are teardrop shaped sconces and angled sconces, which have an Art Deco appearance to them.

Sconces are available with cut out shapes to create dramatic lighting effects in your home theater space. Filmstrip edged sconces are a popular choice, as well as star cutouts. Some unique cut outs include fire themes and fleur de lis shapes.

Sconces range from $150 to $300 depending on the material used and elaborateness. Ceramic wall scones can be painted to blend in or stand out against your home theater space’s walls.

Domed ceiling lights are also available in matching patterns with your wall sconces. These domed ceiling lights fit well over existing ceiling light fixtures and can be used in other parts of the home. The ceiling lights are made of white bisque and are able to be customized with paint.

A fun touch to your home theater can be projector lamps shaped like film cameras and miniature film crew lamps. These types of lamps fit on tabletops and are adjustable from 11" to 14". They retail for approximately $40 and can add a bit of whimsy to your home theater area.

For another Hollywood touch to your home theater area, there are Hollywood floor lamps. Retailing at $395, these lamps stand at 56" and feature classic Hollywood characters such as "the cowboy", "the rebel", "the rocker" and "the starlet."

Explore your options and keep your home theater theme in mind when choosing appropriate lighting. The right touches can turn what was once your plain game room into an attractive movie palace