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Best Popcorn Popper For Movie Style

best popcorn popper for movie style

Home theaters are an awesome way to enjoy a movie. They can also become the centerpiece of a great social gathering. People love the movies. They appreciate and relate to them in a very unique and personal way. Everyone, it seems, considers themselves a fan of film. This love of the silver screen prompts a lot of people to invest in home theater systems. Those who have taken the plunge can parlay their investment in technology into a great social opportunity.

This can be effectuated by having a special movie night at one’s home theater. Sure, you could just choose a single movie, or you might even choose a popular trilogy of films for an all-day affair. The party can be further enhanced in numerous ways to make it a truly unforgettable experience. Consider some of these basic pointers for combining friendship and film into a fun evening for all to remember.

First, it is a good idea to choose a movie that is pretty much universally accepted as a good film. Trying to build a themed party around a movie many people either didn’t care for or don’t want to see would entail fighting an uphill battle. Instead, try picking a tried and true classic. Former Best Picture Oscar winners or movies that you know to have universal appeal within your social circle will make the best choices.

Movies are great. However, food can really make a party. If at all possible, consider serving a menu that somehow relates to the movie. For instance, if you had chosen The Godfather as the film for the night, you may want to create an Italian buffet offering everything from antipasta to cannolis. The idea is to create a theme in order to really make the party a happening and not just a gathering. You might even warm people up with Italian music or pop music performed by some great stars like Louis Prima and Frank Sinatra, just to set the mood.

This idea can be further extended by inviting people to show up dressed in the fashion of the film. This could be as wild as dressing like characters from Star Wars to something as simple as wearing baseball jerseys for a showing of The Bad News Bears. No matter what you are showing, there is likely to be some way to add a dress component to the festivities with a little creativity. Participation can be encouraged with a few small door prizes of some sort. If possible, the prizes could somehow be related to the film, as well. A showing of Forest Gump, for instance, might net the best-dressed woman a box of chocolates and the man a coupon for a shrimp dinner. Have fun and use your imagination. You will come up with something.

Watching the movie itself can be interesting when there is a crowd involved. Early on, you will need to decide if the movie will be a backdrop to the party or its ceneterpiece. If you merely want the film to be on in the background and available, that is one thing. If you want everyone to have a chance to seriously watch the movie, however, you will need to make sure chairs are properly deployed and that everyone has a great view of your spectacular home theater system.

Make sure to show off that home theater system, too. Give your guests a real opportunity to see the way a movie experience can be brought into the home. By giving them a chance to enjoy the film, they are more likely to come back for a series of fun future movie nights.

People love to be social. Parties are a blast and gatherings with friends are always time well-spent. Likewise, everyone really seems to love the movies. By creating a movie theme night party, you are able to combine these two appreciated activities into one unforgettable evening that will offer great fun and memories to everyone in attendance