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Best Popcorn Popper For Movie Style

best popcorn popper for movie style

So, you invested in a great home theater system. Congratulations, you are sure to be pleased with your decision. Entertainment will really come to life in a whole new way as you enjoy movies and televisions with a great picture and perfect sound. A home theater system will change the way you look at home entertainment in general.

You bought the perfect television and found the audio components you needed to be happy. You also obtained a great DVD player so that you could begin watching all of your favorite movies right away. You are probably anxious to get started! Before you do, however, consider a few more things you might add to make your system even more enjoyable. These three small ad-ons may not seem like much, but they can really improve the quality of your home theater experience.

First, look around and notice just how many remote controls you have. Depending on how you set up your system, you could be dealing with as many as five or six separate remote controls! Even if you went with a relatively simplistic set up, you still probably have multiple remotes sitting on the arm of the sofa. That’s why it is high time to invest in a universal remote control. Simplify operation of your system by paring down to a single remote controller.These programmable remote controls are capable of operating a slew of components. Find one that has enough options to handle all of your components, and search out a universal remote that is clearly compatible with the components you own.

A universal remote may only cost a few bucks, but it can make a huge difference. The home theater experience is far more enjoyable when you can control every aspect of the system with one hand.

Second, consider purchasing a DVR. A digital video recorder will let you freeze live television, record the programs of your choice with ease, and replay those programs in a way that makes skipping television commercials a snap. DVRs relay on user-friendly, yet powerful programming interfaces and can serve to multiply the value of your cable television investment. A DVR was once a novelty, but with prices so reasonable they are becoming more and more commonly used simply because they offer so much.

Never miss your favorite show. Stop yawning through all of the commercials. Make sure you can watch all of the movies that subscription cable channel is offering in which you have an interest. A DVR allows you to do all of these things at a very low price tag. If there is one component that everyone should add to an already workable home theater system, it is a DVR.

Third, consider your seat. Usually, when we think about home theater systems, we think about the technology that brings an image to the screen and music to our ears. However, in order to enjoy a home theater experience, you have to have a comfortable seat from which to enjoy the show. There are special video chairs designed with television viewing comfort in mind. Alternatively, one may want to visit their local furniture retailer and find something truly comfortable in which to sit. Your home theater was purchased so that you would have a credible alternative entertainment option at home. It’s hard to justify the investment when it goes unused due to discomfort.

Buying the mandatory components was a great start, but it doesn’t represent the real end state of home theater Nirvana many of us seek. In order to elevate the home theater bit, one should also add a universal remote controller, a personal digital video recorder and a comfortable chair to the mix.

Now, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the show. With a great home theater, single hand control of all aspects of the experience, a DVR on standby and a great chair in which to get some much deserved relaxation, the home theater experience can be just what you were looking for when you make the initial purchase of your components