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Popcorn Options for your Home Theater

Reasons To Own A Home Theater System
April 27th, 2017

Rediscover the Classics with Your Home Theater

Few things are more fun than a movie on the big screen. Experiencing the excitement of great action and high drama can make you feel like you have entered another world. The characters seem as real as your neighbors. Unfortunately, the move theater itself can destroy your good time. Knees in the back of your seat, crying children and the inevitable loudmouth can conspire to ruin your movie completely. Fortunately, you can avoid that motley crew altogether by bringing the movies home with a great home theater system. All you need is a few basic components, and you can escape the downside of the theater and soak up all of the movie magic in your own home.

Home theater ownership is relatively economical, too. A family can spend the equivalent of their utility bill at the movies! Tickets alone are expensive, but once you add a few treats to the equation, prices really start to skyrocket. We used to think of the movies as a cheap night out. Now one wonders if they need to talk with their financial planner before scheduling a matinee.

Home theater systems are an efficient purchase. No more long movie or concession lines for the home theater owner! Instead, he simply plops down on a comfortable seat at home and grabs the remove. There’s no longer a need to gulp down a dinner to make a 7:15 showing of a movie, either. You watch what you want when you want with no risk of a sellout. Not only do you avoid the sellout, you also avoid the crowd usually present at exciting new first-run movies. There are few things more irritating than spending your hard-earned money getting elbowed in the dark by a stranger who can seem to sit still. At home, there’s always space. And there’s never a former NBA center sitting in front of you.

The efficiency continues when you consider the stops at the ATM machine you avoid, the ability to skip getting dressed for an evening out, the process of organizing a family movie trip, and all of the other traditional hassles you avoid when the cinema is actually in your house.

Have you ever missed a critical movie scene because of an uncontrollable need to run to the restroom? Have you ever wished a filmmaker had built in an intermission somewhere during his three-hour opus? With home theaters, you don’t need to worry. If you need a break, you hit pause.

Movie popcorn rarely lives up to expectations, especially when one factors in price. Overcooked wieners, flat soda pop and candy that costs more than your first car round out the concession line scam at the theaters. You can do better at home, and for a lot less money, too.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, the standard movie theater floor may be hell on Earth. Home theater owners watch movies barefoot instead of collecting someone’s pre-chewed gum on their heel. They don’t accidentally sit on a half-eaten candy bar left behind by someone else. The filth of many movie theaters is almost enough to make one swear off movies. They don’t have to worry, though, when the theater is in the home.

Home theaters are a social hub. Family members gather ‘round to watch movies and to discuss the stories and things they see. A home theater sound system can become the stereo to which all family members hum along. Give a kid a video game system and a home theater and you may never see him or her emerge again. Everyone loves a home theater!

There is nothing quite like the movies, and the only way to make that popular pastime better is to take the movies away from the theaters and put them right into your own home. Home theater ownership offers a ton of great advantages. There is no reason to keep giving your money to the purveyors of stale popcorn and soggy nachos! Instead, curl up for your favorite movie on the couch and enjoy a riveting experience without annoyance