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Infertility Treatments Provide Hope and Options

Alternative Infertility Treatments: Donít Just Resort To Drugs
April 27th, 2017

The Facts about Male Infertility

When a couple finds out that they are infertile, it can be devastating. It can be so devastating that they will often be willing to resort to anything to have a child, even if it can damage their health. They will most likely want to be pumped full of the latest infertility drug treatments, the ones that cause women to have five, six, and sometimes eight children at a time. These infertility drug treatments should only be used as a last resort, however, as there are other infertility treatments worth looking at that can help a couple conceive but wonít potentially damage their health.

The most common forms of alternative infertility treatments involve stopping or restricting a behavior, rather than adding one. For instance, diet and exercise, quitting smoking, changing to a healthier lifestyle and more are the most common forms of alternative infertility treatments.

Diet And Exercise

Sometimes, diet and exercise are all a couple needs in order to have the baby, or babies, that theyíve always wanted. Especially if the couple is obese, they will want to try to lose weight before they have a child. Obesity is linked to many diseases and disorders and infertility happens to be one of them. Obesity, for example, is linked to diabetes, the growths of polyps on the cervix or uterus, as well as high cholesterol, all of which make it very difficult to have a child.

Even if you arenít obese, sometimes your diet can have drastic affects on your ability to conceive a child. If you suspect that your diet is the cause of your infertility, talk to a doctor, a dietician or just change to a healthier diet to see if that may be the cause of your infertility. Just donít expect instant results as it likely took a long time for your diet to show ill effects and it may take even longer to reverse those effects.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for your health and itís even worse for trying to conceive. Quitting smoking is a very difficult ordeal, however, and itís not for the faint of heart. The trick to quitting smoking doesnít rely in the many products available, such as the patch, the gum or whatever else is sold at your local pharmacy. The trick to quitting smoking is to get rid of the temptation altogether. Try to stay away from smokers in general, at least for several months, or until the need to smoke resides.

Just remember, that no matter what you choose as your alternative infertility treatment, talk to a doctor to make sure itís safe. Only by consulting a doctor can you determine the cause of your infertility and whether or not an alternative infertility treatment will work for you.