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Progesterone and infertility improvement seem to be something synonymous with one another. Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone in women. It is one that is necessary for the menstrual cycle to be regular and right on schedule. After a woman ovulates, the progesterone is created. It is sent to the place where the mature egg came from and now has moved away from the ovary. Progesterone is also necessary for the twelve week old placenta during pregnancy. The uses of progesterone and infertility improvement are related to the effects of this hormone on a regular hormonal balance and cycle. The progesterone and infertility treatments are a good combination to help with pregnancy.

Progesterone and Infertility Treatments

When you are in the process of trying to conceive through in-vitro methods, progesterone is and integral part of that process. Progesterone and infertility treatments are what are needed to supply the egg with the right things. Once the eggs are taken from the mother, the progesterone is given for the uterine lining to build up to the place it needs to be for conception. It will make the lining of the uterus thicker and that will give the fetus a chance to attach itself easier. Progesterone and infertility treatments work together because the hormone increases blood flow to the uterus lining and that is important.

You may experience some side effects to the progesterone. It may cause you to feel bloated, have breast tenderness, be tired, have some nausea, experience headaches, experience mood swings, and if you are using a suppository, have vaginal discharge that you would not ordinarily have. The uses of progesterone and infertility treatments are rather safe. You will just need to talk to you health care provider about any medical problems or about your medical history before you and the doctor decide to move forward.

Using The Hormone

If you are thinking about having progesterone and infertility treatments, you need to make yourself aware of everything that goes along with it. You want to try every option that is possible to conceive and sometimes you may get overwhelmed and confused about what is the right course of action for you and your spouse. Progesterone and infertility treatments are safe to use but, you will still feel better about it if you know as much information about progesterone and infertility that you can.

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