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Ams Dos

Infertility and Catholicism do not see eye to eye. They clash with each other in a big way. The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church. He is the one that makes all the decisions for the church. In the year of 1990, the Pope decided that the use of infertility methods did not support the beliefs of the church. They believe that people do not have a right to children. They also believe that couples do not have a right to have any type treatment that they want on order to conceive a child. Infertility and Catholicism just are not seen in the same light as one another.

What The Church Says

The Catholic Church is very specific about why infertility and Catholicism do not go together. The Catholics believe that conception should be in a relationship where the husband and wife relationship exists. This applies to conception of natural or unnatural means. Infertility help should only be allowed for couples that are married to each other. They feel that science is not right in what they believe and that just because you can get pregnant through scientific ways does not mean that it is right. Infertility and Catholicism clash because the church feels that conception is the beginning of life and a dish is not the realm of the husband and wife coming together for sex.

Infertility and Catholicism also do not go together because the church does not allow any spare embryos to be created and discarded. The treatments of infertility only use the embryos they feel are viable and mature. The rest are discarded. If infertility and Catholicism can get to the understanding of no donor sperm and no spare embryos are created then infertility treatments are ok. Whatever infertility choice you make must use the old method of the wife and husband in intercourse. This may be like infertility drugs. You can also forget using a surrogate mother for infertility and Catholicism is strict on this fact.

What To Do?

If you dealing with infertility and Catholicism, you do not have many options available to you unless you choose to go against the church views. You can always choose to adopt a child through a Catholic organization. If you can not have children in a natural way, the problem of infertility and Catholicism will not allow you to have things done to give you that child.