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The question of what is infertility is the question that couples are asking themselves after a year of trying with no success. Many million Americans have problems with infertility and are asking the question of what is infertility. It does not matter what the problem is, the feeling are the same for the couples that are experiencing it. There are many causes that affect the question of what is infertility. What is the infertility cause in men and women? They are as different as day and night. We will discuss them below.

Causes Of Infertility

For men and women what is the infertility cause is different. Most of the difficulty they have with conceiving a child will be due to lifestyle. If you will make some lifestyle changes, you can definitely improve your chances of conception. What is infertility in men are caused by problems of the tubes. Blockages in the male reproductive system can cause the sperm to not be able to travel like it should. Environmental toxins and non natural items are bad for sperm quality. What is infertility cause for men consist of damage that is done by illness and injury?

What is infertility cause in women are not a simple as the men. For females, there are many more factors. More parts of the reproductive system are involved. Mainly the problems with ovulation and menstruation have the biggest effect on infertility in women. Hormones and the balance of them also cause the body to not be able to conceive properly. What is infertility in females can also account for blockages in the tubes and the egg can not get to where the sperm can reach it. It is so imperative that the things that are important to conception are all in the right order.

What Can Be Done For Infertility

Going to see you doctor can be the first step to answering the question of what is infertility. They can give you all the information that is necessary for you to make the correct decisions in you life about what you want out of you treatments for pregnancy to happen. Each person is different in so many ways. Each infertility treatment needs to be designed for that persons needs. When you find the right treatment you will be able to conceive a child. What is infertility in some is totally different to others.

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