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Can Obesity Cause Azoospermia

Many male infertility treatment options exist today. The type of treatment that you may choose to undergo depends on the type of infertility problem you are facing as a man. You will need to understand that before you and your doctor can choose the correct treatment, three things will need to be determined. The first thing that needs to be investigated is the reason for the infertility. Hopefully, it can be found and it will not be unidentifiable. The next thing to determine is just how bad the sperm defect really is. The final determination is in the age of the female partner that they are trying to get pregnant. Once these have been answered, the chosen male infertility treatment can be started.

Types Of Male Infertility Treatment Options

There are some very different types of male infertility treatment options. We will discuss a few of them in this article. The first male infertility treatment is done for a problem called Varicocele. The male will need to undergo surgery to help to tie off dilated veins that exist in the testes. The pregnancy rate is almost forty percent and pregnancy occurs within about 9 months after having the procedure. If the sperm count is still low after the surgery, help may be needed to conceive. If you have been diagnosed with a low sperm count but, the doctor can not find any reason for the low count, you may need the male infertility treatment medication called Clomiphene citrate. It is in infertility pill that helps to stimulate sperm production in men. It is also used in women to help them to ovulate. The sperm count should improve within 6 months. You will need to be reevaluated every three months.
The most well know male infertility treatment is the Intrauterine insemination (IUI). This male infertility treatment is the most delicate because it entails the sperm being directly inserted into the egg. The sperm does not have to be very motile as it does not have to make its way through the vagina and cervix to the egg. The success of this male in fertilization treatment depends on the age of the female. The older she is the less of a chance it will work. You can also look into the other options that are available to you. You may find a new male infertility treatment that has greater success rates.
Combined Treatment

You can get any number of male infertility treatment options. You and your doctor will be able to combine your efforts to get you the best results possible. Take into account the factors that may affect your chances. Do not allow the percentage rates to sway your decision. Go full steam ahead with your decision to have male infertility treatment options performed.