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Can Obesity Cause Azoospermia


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Infertility caused by obesity in women is getting to a pint where is becoming a real problem. Obesity is not usually associated with infertility like diabetes, heart problems, and hypertension. Infertility caused by obesity affects about six to ten percent of the women who have infertility problems. Twelve percent of the women are infertile because of their weight and bad eating habits. There is good news in the fact that this is correctable and you can achieve this without help from a doctor. You will be able to conceive quickly when you correct your weigh problems if you do not have any other problems. Infertility caused by obesity may be the easiest and cheapest way for you to conceive.

How Is Infertility Caused By Obesity

Obesity changes a woman’s body system. It throws off the whole body routine. Being obese can actually change a woman’s cycle and cause the hormone levels that are needed for pregnancy and conception to be uneven and not where they are supposed to be.
Infertility caused by obesity can be corrected by loosing weight. This weight loss can right the incorrect body balances. Infertility caused by obesity can show up in irregular menstrual cycles and an inability to ovulate when you should to be able to conceive a child. Not only does infertility come from obesity, there can be problems with the pregnancy and having a healthy baby.

There are a number of changes that you can start to make now that will decrease infertility caused by obesity. Try to reduce the amount of salt you take in each day. Eat more fruits and vegetables. You need to stay away from the fad diets out there. You need to learn the information on having a correct sort of diet. Infertility caused by obesity can be reduced by starting to exercise more on a regular basis. This will help. The little changes you start to make will help you with your infertility. The more little changes you make in your lifestyle, the better your system will get and before you know it you will not only be pregnant but, you will be healthy. It makes a difference to the child who has parents that can play and run with them.

The Obesity Gene

If you feel that your infertility caused by obesity is a result of genetics, you will need to see a doctor about what the cause may be and what you can do about it. Your health care provider can advise you on the best treatment for the obesity and help you to start your weight loss journey. It will be well worth the process when your infertility caused by obesity is transformed into a healthier pregnant you. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 4:31:28 AM