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Canine infertility probably sounds like something that is not that serious. It is certainly not like human infertility. You can imagine that for dog breeders, it is devastating to find out that the female dog or the male dog that was purchased for that purpose can not have babies. They are detrimental to the livelihood of the breeder. To the common house pet, canine infertility may or may not be a situation that the owner intends to worry about. Most of the owners have the dog fixed to prevent the problems from happening. If you are one of the owners that want to have puppies, you will need to read on about canine infertility.

Causes of Canine Infertility

The biggest reason of canine infertility is the timing of the breeding. Just as with human breeding, you will have to perform the act at the right time or pregnancy will not occur. You animal could be fine but, the time of ovulation was miscalculated. This means that you may just need to have the male and female dog try again on the next cycle. It attributes almost eighty percent of the amount of female dogs that do not get pregnant. The second largest reason for canine infertility is that the male dog that the female is being bred with is infertile himself. You can not know for sure until you have the male tested. This is usually not done until the breeder or own has problems with them conceiving. Canine infertility in males is rather common.

Female cycles are just as important as a womens cycle is. If the female dog is not coming into heat the way she should, she will also experience canine infertility. There are a few different other medical causes that lead to canine infertility problems. Some of them are bacterial and some are structural in nature. Whatever the problem is that is causing the canine infertility, the veterinarian can help you to decide how to best treat it.

Puppies Everywhere!

Breeders and some pet owners would like to have puppies running around everywhere. It is not possible if the dog that you have has infertility. It is so important for the veterinarian to be involved in every stage of breeding animals so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. If canine infertility is something you may be worried about for your animal, have them check out.

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