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Partner Azoospermia Do I Need To See My Doctor


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If you have had problems with infertility, you may be told to have infertility immune testing done. It seems that this form of test is suggested after repeated tries to have Invetro in fertilization done and with failures each time. It could cost you five hundred dollars or more for each infertility immune testing you do. When you have had repeated in vitro procedures and are being implanted with the perfect embryos, you can get frustrated and even angry. You may feel that more answers are needed. Trying to find out why the body is rejecting the embryos can sound like the answer you are looking for. Infertility immune testing is suggested for couples that are having this problem.

What Is Immune Testing?

Many different labs will now provide infertility immune testing for infertile couples.
Keep in mind that even though you have the infertility immune testing done, there is no certain knowledge that the body’s immune system has anything to do with the failure of the fertilized embryos to become implanted in the female. There are also no standards for the testing. Each lab performs their infertility immune testing in any way that they see fit. You can get tested in one place and go to another and be tested and come out with different results. When you have different results, you also have difficulty in trying to figure out the interpretation of the infertility immune testing. It has been shown that women that are able to conceive will show up with abnormal results on the test. This does not sit well with having this infertility immune testing done for infertile women.

It is strongly suggested that you do not even bother with having infertility immune testing done. It is a waste of money and even the labs can not tell you what the results of the test mean to you. When you are facing infertility, you already have enough to worry about. You especially do not want to spend money out on a useless test. You can use that money for some other treatment that is been proven to be useful for helping a couple to actually get pregnant. If it is suggested to you to try infertility immune testing to see if the problem is with you, decide to not have this test completed. You may be frustrated at repeated attempts to conceive but, this will only make matters more confusing for you.

The Right Time

The time will be right for conception to take place, if it is meant to happen. You will need to just keep trying. There are many treatments that are proven to do the right thing for infertile couples. When you are facing the problems of not being able to have a child, you do not need unnecessary problems and treatments to help. Infertility immune testing is one of those problems and you need to stay away from it. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 7:33:50 AM