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Endometrial Biopsy And Infertility: What You Should Know

Female And Male Infertility Information
April 27th, 2017

The Causes and Treatment Options for Female Infertility

Female and male infertility is a disease of the system of reproduction that stops the body from being able to have children. The many factors that are involved in the natural conception all have to be in the right place and balance for it to be successful. The sperm of the male and the organs of the female need to in the right order. The environment needs to be in proper order. When anything is out of place in either man or woman, you have female and male infertility. If you feel that there is a problem with you and your partner having a child, you need to read on to understand what may be going on.

The Ins And Outs Of Female And Male Infertility

For the male, infertility is caused by a few different factors. It is essential for healthy sperm production to occur. This sperm needs to be able to get to the egg. It is said to need motility. If the sperm count is weak or it is not strong, pregnancy will not happen. Female and male infertility makes up about a third of male problems. The common problem that men face is known as azoospermia and oligospermnia. The first causes no sperm to be produced and the later causes the sperm to be reduced to a point where it is not useful. The problem could also be from sperm that is not formed correctly or they die before they can get to the egg to fertilize it. A disorder that is genetic, in nature, can also be a problem.

Female and male infertility are about the same percentage when you are looking into the causes. Female and male infertility problems are both about a third of a percent. Women need to have healthy eggs and fallopian tubes that are free of blockages to allow the sperm to flow through correctly. Women can also suffer from ovulation disorder. Correct cycles of ovulation are necessary for the healthy eggs to drop into place for the sperm to fertilize. Polycystic ovary syndrome is one of the more known problems in women. Female and male infertility problems can also be an effect of birth defects that have caused damage to the reproductive organs.

When To See A Doctor

It is important to realize when you will need to see your doctor. Female and male infertility needs to be treated in different ways and by different types of doctors. You can both see an infertility specialist to help you conceive but, you will need to try to find out about what is causing the infertility. Female infertility needs to start with a gynecological visit. Men need to see an urologist. Once the problem is found in female and male infertility in the couple, they can begin to start the process to conceive.