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Male Infertility Solutions Ė Available To All Men

Male Infertility Test: It May Not Be The Womanís Fault
June 26th, 2016

The Difference In Male Infertility Treatment Options

When a couple tries to get pregnant, it can be a very exciting time. Sometimes, however, no matter how much a couple tries, they canít seem to conceive. Itís times like these that the woman often blames herself. She will often feel inferior or that something is seriously wrong with her. It can cause depression and it can make her feel as though she is worthless. Itís important, in times like these, for the woman to think realistically, for the problem may not be with her at all. If a couple canít seem to have a baby, it may be the manís fault, not the womanís, and it may be time for the man to take a male infertility test.

Fill This Cup, Please

A male infertility test is conducted by having the man provide a sperm sample. This is usually conducted in much the same way that men donate sperm to a clinic. They will be escorted to a room in the fertility clinic, they will be handed a magazine and will be told to fill a cup. While most men have no problem in providing a sperm sample in the privacy of their own home, it can sometimes be nerve wracking to perform in a clinic setting. Thatís why most clinics are designed to make the man feel as comfortable as possible. If you are in this setting and canít seem to relax, just take a moment to realize why you are there in the first place and you will likely relax enough to provide a sample so that you can hopefully get an answer as to why the two of you canít seem to have children.

Your doctor will test your sample to see if you are the cause of the infertility. The male infertility test can determine if the man has a low sperm count, if his sperm are irregular or it can also determine that the man is perfectly capable of having children. If the man has a low sperm count, sometimes fertility drugs can be given to help the man provide enough sperm to impregnate his mate. If the male infertility test determines that the man is incapable of having children, adoption may be your only route. The important thing is to pin point the reason why you canít have children because sometimes not knowing is a worse feeling.

Adoption is not the end of the world, however, as you have to realize the joy you can potentially bring to an orphaned boy or girl. The male infertility test will give you the answers you require. It is not reserved for those who have gone through several negative pregnancy tests, however, as having a male infertility test before you even try to conceive can relieve a lot of potential heartache, especially for the woman who will initially blame herself for the coupleís inability to conceive.

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