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Forty-Sixth Technique: Using Testimonials

Forty-third Technique: Keep Fresh And Updated
May 28th, 2017

Fourteenth Technique: Video Marketing 101

Ever noticed how fruits tend to rot faster when not preserved well? The same thing could happen to you and your website, if not preserved well. What I mean is, in the world of the internet, information has never been that fast and competition has never been that tough. So what I share with you today will be a simple technique (no need for dictionaries) but a very important one.

Keeping fresh and updated is vitally important for websites. Apparently, there are thousands of dead websites out there in the internet, they float like ghost ships in the sea of information, no sailors to board and a captain to steer the ship. I guess we don't want this to happen to us right? Unless you want to give up doing business online, you will need to board your website with the latest update possible and a good captain like you to steer your business to success.

Due to this tendency, search engines like Google.com came up with the idea to penalize sites that are stale, in Google's terms of course. So if somewhere in the past you created this certain website, and made it good and appealing to look at, also placed in a lot of good content which catered to all the needs of its visitors, and then suddenly you shouted "Abandon Ship!" leaving the site dead and frozen for a long time; chances are you will be penalized or simply your site will be closed soon.

Search engines like Google and Yahoo love to see websites that have new material in them. Of course, visitors love them as well. So I hope it makes sense now. Let's say for example that you happen to visit this site on cooking recipes and you have noticed that nothing new has been posted for months. I am sure that 99% you wouldn't like to check out that site again, because the owner has neglected it for too long. People will surely lose interest on your site and business since it is not maintained. So my advice to you is, do all you can to constantly upgrade and update your site.

There are many ways to keep our sites fresh and updated. You can have a forums section in your site to enable interaction between customers. Or enable a chat feature in your site. Most websites release better and modern versions of their software and program to keep updated. This is a good way to keep our site fresh and updated.

One of the reasons I love blog so much is that it makes websites more appealing and attractive. Blogs are also good ways to get in fresh information from around the world. Tools like WordPress, which is free, can create posts and queue those posts for certain days. These blogs will be automatically posted every day. In doing so, we are offering people fresh content on a regular basis.

People will now have something to check on, and the search engines will be happy to see that our site is continually providing fresh content to the whole internet. In return they will give us higher ranks and ratings for the contribution we give. So in the end, keeping our websites fresh and updated will work out for our common good. By then, we will not regret a single thing.

We can also work with forums. A chat feature. Or release even higher versions of your site software.