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Thirty-Seventh Technique: The Amazon Way

Thirty-sixth Technique: Purchasing Leads And Renting Lists
June 28th, 2016

Thirty-Third Technique: Getting Digged

One of the great ways in generating tremendous site traffic is by purchasing leads and running lists. Actually today's lesson is composed of two different methods that are tied together in one topic. So what our lesson for today means is that there are companies out there that specialize in finding visitors that are targets to what we are looking for. So what we will do is to approach these companies and tell them that we have a certain website that is offering this kind of product. Then we go ahead and ask these companies if they can give us a list of people that are interested in our product. Then right there and then, they will likely give you names and even endorse you initially to these people. Although it requires you to pay money, it will definitely pay off in the end.

In the same way, other companies or services out there might already have established good connections with the right people that you are looking for. In most cases, they probably have long lists of these people already in their records. So we can probably rent out their list and use them to our own advantage. In doing so, we can now have more access to these people, their contact, their email and business addresses. This will definitely enable us to send updates through email, do phone calls, and of course make that business proposal. So purchasing leads and renting lists is a great and professional way to get more traffic into our site.

Like other pay traffic methods we discussed, I strongly suggest that you take your time to learn all the process and terms prior to getting involved. We don't want to end up losing all that investment of money fast, as discussed too in our previous technique on offshore marketing. Let me take this time now to warn you about possible frauds perpetuated by extremely cheap leads. Some leads out there promise thousands of leads for probably $100. Now, beware of these schemes for they are a trap. These mostly are not qualified leads and will only drain your bank account.

To give you an estimate, on most cases, a dollar can be enough to pay for a highly qualified lead. Also to ensure a breakeven on your investment, make it sure to make your ad as good as possible. Doing so will ensure marketability. So make sure and take time to know all the inside and outs. I will have to say, that this is a classic yet professional way to promote our website and product. The bonus of this will definitely be those tons of traffic going into your site.

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