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Twenty-Eighth Technique: Swimming with the Torrent

Twenty-fifth Technique: Rss Feeds 101
April 27th, 2017

Twenty-First Technique: Using eBay

RSS is defined as really simple syndication. Although it may not be as simple as it seems, most would agree that this is a bit of a more difficult subject to grasp. Almost all individuals who started working with RSS can say that they have struggled with it at first but after further study and practice, the picture gets clearer and clearer. RSS actually belongs to a family of web feed formats that are used to publish those frequently updated works like blogs, entries, news headlines, all in a standardized format. So what this means is that, if you have a blog site for example, it should come out with its own RSS feed. So actually blogs are really great when it comes to RSS.

Let us now have an example and check out RSS in action. Let us pick a blog site for example. So for our reference we may try this blog sample link we I found at random, www.mhakhatha.blogspot.com. It's basically a simple blog site and if you are using Firefox, you will see the RSS logo up there which indicates that there is an RSS Feed for the page. So if you click it, it will take you to the RSS feed page. Let me show you what it looks like.

Now what we want to do is to take this feed and submit it to lots of different places. You can submit it for example to RSS aggregator or FeedReader. So basically what it does is make the promotion process faster with the use of RSS. When you have an RSS Feed, it surely will open up more doors, doors that were probably not there before.

Using RSS is actually the newest thing I could say and people will view your site as news-worthy and appealing. Also let us not fail to mention that RSS is actually updated automatically. So every time you create a new post on your blog site, all those RSS Feeds will be automatically updated too. Plus it also spreads the word around and get it more prone to getting ranked in the search engines a lot faster because of the links to it.

So using RSS is actually a cool and technical way to boost up site traffic. But sad to say, our lesson now will not be enough to fully learn everything we need to know about RSS technology. But nevertheless, I strongly suggest that you try it out because it is one of the Internet's best kept secrets. In fact, most people are not aware of it and its benefits. They are really missing a lot. But we don't want that to happen. So I really suggest that you check it, learn and get involved. Maybe it is time also to start having your blogs running. You can review our tutorial on blogs, please check technique 4 and 5 for a review.