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Twenty-Sixth Technique: The Directory Submissions

Twenty-third Technique: Bookmarking On Your Site
April 27th, 2017

Welcome to our next lesson on ways to generate huge traffic into our own website. You may still remember in one of our previous lessons that we discussed about the importance of social bookmarking. Today we will take the bookmarking stuff into higher level. What we are going to do is to encourage other people to bookmark our website instead of just us. As we all know, bookmarking is a great and fun way to promote websites. The main purpose of social bookmarking sites is primarily for sharing, organizing, and searching. In just a tag or a click, we are ready to go.

We can find many plug-ins out there in the internet. And most of them can be downloaded for free. Just plug in the code and when others can see your page and if they like it, they can go ahead encourage other people and other networks about it. Here we are going to cite an example. So I think most will agree that blogs are very rampant nowadays.

So if you are using for example the blog site WordPress, there is a plug-in called "Bookmark me plug-in" which is downloadable for free. So what it does is that every time we create a post in our blog site, it will have a "spread the word" option below. So when someone likes your page, they will see the button in their as an option for them to click. Then by clicking the buttons they will be directly led to your other accounts; probably in Facebook, Deliocious, Twitter, Squidoo and many others.

What we actually want is to remind our visitors to follow us into the other sites that we have. So there is a challenge for us to make our page as easy and interesting as possible so that others can tell their friends about our site and follow us too. So you can see here in our examples that they use the plug-in in their own site.

So for example we may want to access our own blog site and install in there the "Bookmark plug-in". Once installed, we can now start attracting friends and their friends also into our link. Interested people can follow you now to other places. So this is just a great example on how to apply this technique to our blogs.

Last but not the least, there are also codes out there that are for free to download. You may want to also check them out. So the possibilities are endless. Once you know how social bookmarking works, you will also know how to encourage others to do so also. So spread the word and encourage others to try bookmarking. It is fun, easy and income generating.