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robots belly button piercing

Necklaces come in a wide variety of lengths. The length of a necklace was once attributed to specific age groups or classes. However, currently choosing the right necklace length is a matter of personal taste.

Collar necklaces are between 12 and 13 inches in length. Necklaces of this length will fit snuggly around the center of the neck. Collar necklaces are often made up of three or more strands of necklaces. They are an ideal accessory when wearing off the shoulder or low v-neck attire.

A choker necklace is usually between 14 and 16 inches long. This is a very traditional and versatile length. It can compliment almost any out fit and neckline. In addition it can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what it is paired with.

Anything longer than 16 inches is generally classified as a long necklace.

The princess necklace is typically between 17 and 19 inches long. This is the most common length for a necklace, with the end falling right at the collarbone. This length works well for low cut and crew necklines. This is the length you should purchase if you cannot decide which length will work best for you.

The matinee necklace is between 20 and 25 inches long. This length necklace works well for business or casual attire. It exudes confidence and sophistication. This length usually works best with a high neckline.

The opera necklace is a lengthy 26 to 36 inches long. This length is best worn with evening wear, preferably with a high neckline. Because of it length this necklace can be worn is several ways. It can be worn as a single strand, or doubled to create a two-strand choker. It can also be tied in a knot around the bust line to portray a more vintage look.

A rope necklace is typically 37 inches or longer. This necklace can be worn as a single strand or doubled for a two-strand choker. It can usually be tripled to create a three-strand choker as well. A rope necklace may be knotted at the bust, or even worn backwards to compliment a backless number. Rope necklaces are often made with several clasps. The multiple clasps allow the rope to be broken down into separate combinations. It is often worn as a necklace and bracelet.

A lariat necklace is 48 inches or longer. This length of necklace is popular for pearl lovers. This strand is usually unattached t the ends to allow the wearer to knot or wrap it in whatever manner suits them.

Some necklaces have adjustable lengths. They have extra links near the clasp that can be added or removed to adjust the length of the necklace. These necklaces are good for people who are not sure which length is right for them, or if you are giving the necklace as jewelry.

When shopping for a specific length necklace you should ask the jeweler if the clasp is included in the measurement. This is particularly important if you are buying the necklace online or through a catalogue where you cannot try it on first. The clasp will generally add anywhere for three- fourths of an inch to a full inch, so it is important to know if it is included in the overall length.

The best way to determine which length necklace works best for you is to try it on, if you can. Necklaces hang differently on different body types. In addition, you should try to visualize the outfit you intend to wear the piece with. Keep in mind the necklace may look great in the store, but may not compliment the attire you plan to pair it with.

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