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Robots Belly Button Piercing

robots belly button piercing

Chain necklaces are one of the most popular forms of jewelry worn today. Jewelry makers have several styles and types of chain links to choose from. Each type of link has advantages and disadvantages when it comes to strength and durability.

The box or Venetian chain links are traditionally the most popular types of chains worn today. These chains are comprised of square links that are connected to make a smooth chain.

Omega links are used to make flexible and strong necklaces. These links are created on reinforcing material such as mesh, wire or strip. The links are placed so close together that the chain is given a flat, smooth look. These chains are usually quite durable and extremely strong. They are especially dent resistant as well.

Wheat chains provide a great deal of visual details. It is an intricate style where oval and twisted oval links are connected. The links are overlapped and intertwined to make it appear to be a much textured style of chain.

A rolo chain is made up of circle links that are joined together. These symmetrical links are perfect to dangle pendants from.

Bead chain has links that resemble metal beads. These circular links are considered fairly strong, but are usually long lasting.

Byzantine chains are intricate weaves of chain links. If constructed properly they are extremely durable.

Another popular link is the cable link which displays round interconnected links. The curb link has oval rings that connect in a way that the chain will lay flat on your neck.

The Figaro link has both rectangular and circle links. Generally the rectangular shaped link is displayed after every three circular links. This type of link is not considered one of the strongest.

A rope chain is made up of a series of small oval shaped links that are arranged in a spiral design. This type of chain gets its name because it resembles woven rope. The strength of a rope chain is dependant on the type of metal is made from. However, solid rope chains are almost always stronger than hollow rope chains.

The Singapore link is considered a twisted herringbone. This type of chain bears resemblance to a spiraling chain of interlocking pieces. While, this type of chain is striking it is considered fragile and is not known for its strength.

A snake chain is unique because it is not made up of a series of links; instead it is comprised or round, wavy metal rings joined side by side. These cylindrical rings form a tube that resembles snake skin. This type of chain link is very durable, but is one of the least comfortable to wear.

Most chains are made up of only one type of chain link. However, some jewelers will combine several styles to create unique pieces.

Different chain and ink types are better for specific purposes or situations. Despite ther different uses all chains are deigned to not break.

When determining which chain link type works best for you there are several factors to consider. The links should be comfortable to wear. They should not pinch or irritate you skin. In addition, the link should be strong enough to support any pennant or charm that you want to hang off of it. You do not want to have to worry about the chain breaking causing it to be lost or damaged. You should also pay attention to the type of clasp that is used.

The wide variety of different chain link types gives jewelry wearers the opportunity to find a necklace that will fit their personality, their attire and their budget.


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