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Platinum is considered the rarest of all the precious metals. In fact, platinum is thirty five times more rare than gold. Currently the world’s finest and most elegant jewelry pieces contain platinum.

The popularity of this precious metal has been increasingly steadily since the mid 1980s. Currently, Japan is the world’s leading market for the sale of platinum jewelry. However, China is following closely in Japan’s footsteps and may soon take over as the leading market. Europe and North America are also lively participants in the platinum market.

While platinum is in abundant supply today, unlike gold and silver, there are no significant above ground stock piles to assure against supply disruptions and depletions. This adds to the overall value of platinum.

Platinum is most commonly used to make rings, particularly wedding rings. It is becoming the leading metal for engagement rings and men and women’s wedding bands.

Platinum is known for its white lustrous color. Platinum is naturally white, unlike white gold. This means it will not change color or fade. Its beautiful color adds to its appeal and requires no additional coloring agent like other metals commonly used in jewelry. Its white color also goes nicely with all color diamonds.

Another benefit of platinum is its strength and hardiness. It outlasts many other metals, because it clings to itself and is hard wearing. It is also twice as heavy as 14 karat gold jewelry. This makes it a hefty choice for fine quality jewelry.

Platinum also holds gemstones more securely in place than any other metal. The gemstones are held in place by a tensions setting. This means it is secured by the tensile strength of the platinum. This means you do not have to worry about losing your precious stone. This is a particularly important benefit if the jewelry piece has sentimental value, such as an engagement ring.

One of platinum’s most appealing characteristics is its durability. Usually when pieces of jewelry made from other metals are scratched or even polished a bit of the metal will wear of. However, this is not the case with platinum. Platinum my get a mark or scratch but will not erode, splinter or chip easily.

Not only is platinum considered the strongest metal to make jewelry from, but also it is also hypoallergenic. This means that even people with sensitive skin can wear pieces made from platinum without fear of skin discoloration, rashes or itchy blemishes. In contrast, gold can nickel and have a negative effect on people with sensitive skin.

It is also remarkably dense, making it a heavy durable metal to make precious jewelry out of. This characteristic of platinum makes it feel significant and permanent to wear.

Platinum never tarnishes. It remains lustrous and shiny for its entire lifespan. Platinum can stand the test of time, which is why it is the most popular metal to make special occasion jewelry from.

Because of its durability, platinum jewelry requires relatively minimum care. It is recommended that you remove platinum pieces before taking part in activity that may harm them.

To clean the jewelry, simply soak it in warm, soapy water and then gently scrub the piece with a soft brush. This will keep the jewelry shiny and bright. In addition, you should store your platinum pieces separately from other pieces to avoid scratching or damaging them.

If your jewelry does become scratched you should take it to a jeweler to be polished. Keep in mind that a scratch on platinum is just a displacement of the metal not a loss of volume. Having the piece polished will restore its scratch less finish.

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