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robots belly button piercing

The turquoise is a gemstone that has been around for a long time and it never really loses its appeal as it goes in and out of fashion as many different styles of clothing does. Turquoise is a beautiful brilliant sky blue color and is very popular as a form of jewelry. Many people think of the turquoise as the southwest personified. The color of turquoise is a beautiful union between the light blue of the sky and the enchanting green of the sea. Turquoise is often felt to be a piece of Heaven enjoyed right here on Earth.

Turquoise has a particularly special place in the world of gemstones in South America, Central America and North America. In Mexico the ancient Aztec tribe were believed to have used turquoise to decorate their ceremonial masks because turquoise was regarded as a holy stone that brought with it good fortune. The Indians who occupy territory in North America make a great deal of traditional silver jewelry that includes turquoise in it. The Indians believe that the sky blue color of the turquoise has a mystical quality and is able to open up a connection or link between the sea and the sky.

Both in the past and into modern times, turquoise gems have been worn as jewelry as a way to protect the wearer from bad fortune and the dark side. In days gone by turquoises were used to protect both horses and their riders from the chance that they would take a spill or fall. Even today some of that protective belief about turquoises is still held. Pilots and their crew as well as those individuals in other types of employment who work in environment where risk is high wear turquoises in one form or other to protect themselves from harm.

Modern gemstone therapy dictates that turquoises are effective for those who suffer from anxiety, depression or other stress related disorders. It is recommended that the individual wear a chain that has turquoise beads on it or else wear a turquoise in one form or another. It is often believed that the bright, shining and cheerful color of turquoise is helpful for those with low self-esteem who lack confidence in themselves. The turquoise is connected to a sense of loyalty and faithfulness in relationships and is therefore often thought of as a worthwhile gift as it is a “stone of friendship.”

The gemstone turquoise is soft and very sensitive. The color of the turquoise tends to pale as time goes by and therefore must be treated with wax and then hardened. This is as true fro the low-quality stones as it is for the high-quality stones. Treating the turquoise this way gives it more resistant to elements it comes in contact with. Due to the sensitive nature of the turquoise, it is almost always treated in one way or another although there is more than one type of treatment technique. Keeping this in mind, turquoise gemstones, which have a color that is good and looks very natural, are most often hardened with a resin that is either synthetic or colorless wax and these kinds are more valuable than are the turquoise gemstones that have their color what is known as “improved.” For this reason the best place to buy turquoise jewelry if you want the best there is, is to buy it from a jeweler’s and not from the jewelry department of a big name store.

Turquoise, as previously mentioned, is very sensitive so always store it in a safe place and make sure it is protected from perfume, cosmetics, bright light and heat. As well this is not a stone that you should wear to the beach or to a pool party during the sweltering days of summer. Occasionally give the gemstone a good cleaning with a soft cloth. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 4:39:34 AM