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Christina Aguilera Navel Ring

Stackable rings are a growing trend in digit adornment. These rings can be worn separately or together to make a trendy statement. Stackable rings come in multiple styles and designs to make each combination unique.

Rings have often been called the symbol of life and eternity because they are a never ending loop. Rings come in a wide variety of metals, including gold, silver, and platinum. More often than not these precious metals are combined with other metals such as palladium, zinc, and copper, to make alloys. Alloys often give rings additional strength, durability and affordability.

Rings can also come in a variety of sizes. The most common sizes fall between five and ten. Some ring makers will manufacture the rings in half sizes as well. A ring can almost always be resized to fit its owner. Assuring that you ring is the right size will add to your comfort and prevent the ring from falling off as well. Stackable rings should be individually sized.

Rings are becoming less and less traditional. For example, rings are commonly worn on every finger including the thumb. You can also find rings on other body parts including eyebrows, toes, nose, belly buttons, ears, and tongues. Stackable rings are an increasingly popular way to give a trendy twist to the traditional ring.

Stackable rings are usually thin bands that allow you to wear more than one ring at a time. They are manufactured thin enough as not to weigh down your fingers with clunky jewelry.

Stackable rings will usually come in sets of three, four, and five separate pieces. The pieces can be worn together, separately or any combination.

Stackable rings are commonly given as friendship ring. Friends can trade components of the ring. Giving one of the rings in the set to a loved one while you wear the other can signify that they complete you.

In addition, some people start out with one thin band and add multiple bands for special occasions. For example, you may start with one simple band and add an additional piece for the birth of each child or grandchild in your family.

Stackable rings are also common for engagement rings. Often the wedding band is created to fit with the engagement ring. The two pieces fit snuggly next to each other so they can be worn together or separately depending on the occasion.

Here are some of the more popular styles of stackable rings sold today:

Judith Jack Stack rings are imported favorites. These rings are usually made from sterling silver and are accented with marquisate. The most common versions of these rings come in stacks of five. The five rings are different widths and therefore can be worn in different combinations or as individual pieces.

The Lois Hill Five Stack ring is a popular style as well. These sterling silver rings come in a set of five. Each of the five rings is unique and special enough to be worn alone or stacked together.

Stackable rings can be made solely from metal or they can include gemstones. These rings can have a single stone in one ring, a single stone in multiple rings, or multiple stones throughout. The gemstones can come in a variety of colors and can be cut in numerous ways.

Generally all of the rings in the set are made from the same type of metal. However, a manufacturer may use different metals in each ring in order to be unique and stand out.

Stackable rings are becoming increasingly popular amongst younger jewelry wearers as well. This is a trendy way to make your fingers stand out.