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Making your own jewelry can be a fun and creative way to make some extra money or it can just be an enjoyable endeavour to share with loved ones and friends. Whatever your reasons, take the time to explore the many options that are available to you in terms of jewelry making. There are many different kinds of jewelry which vary in their degree of difficulty to make so it is best fro a beginner to learn about a variety of methods and styles but to start out doing the simplest kinds to help prevent frustration and as you become more experienced and self confident at jewelry making, try out more complicated ways of making beautiful pieces of jewelry. Some of the most common types of jewelry making include beaded jewelry, macramé, wire wrapping, fabricating, metal smithing and casting.

It is wisest for a novice to start out small and that means with the most basic kind of jewelry, which is beaded jewelry. Basic bead stringing is a simple process that is easy for anyone to learn and make use of. All that is needed for this kind of jewelry is a few simple hand tools and a few other supplies and then you are well on your way to making beautiful beaded bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Some suggestions for simple to make beaded jewelry projects are basic beaded earrings, mini collar earrings, mini collar necklaces, a memory wire bracelet, an illusion necklace. Search books and over the Internet for stringing instructions and also for a variety of simple projects for you to get started. Beaded jewelry will get you off to an excellent start in the world of making jewelry!

At once very popular, macramé tends to go in and out of style and right now it is definitely “in” again. Macramé was especially popular back in the seventies when everything from jewelry to hair bands to plant holders were constructed from this material. Today macramé is better than ever and it has expanded to include colored hemp as well. Macramé is relatively simple to learn. All you need is some knowledge of knotting and a few basic pieces of equipment. Rings made of macramé are especially popular right now.

Wire wrapped jewelry can be a fun form of jewelry making and for those who enjoy working with wire this might be your jewelry of choice! All you need to make wire wrapped jewelry is your own hands, some know-how, some wire and a couple of tools. A breads and wire chain is particularly attractive as a piece of jewelry and so is a beaded bangle.

A number of attractive designs for jewelry come about by way of using fabrication methods such as bending, filing and sawing. It is also very simple to take a sheet of metal (for example you could use copper or silver) and then cut out the shape you need and then turn it into whatever jewelry piece you wish. More and more jewellers are taking the time to learn basic fabrication techniques. Many people are partial to the fabrication toe ring for the summer months when feet are on display.

From fabricating metal you can take your jewelry making one step further and begin soldering by way of metalsmithing in order to link one piece of your work to another. Patience and lots of practice is needed to get metalsmithing right as it can be a tricky process to learn, but it will be well worth the effort when you witness the end result.

Casting is a method of jewelry making that can give rise to charms, rings and many other pieces of jewelry. Casting can be done in a variety of ways but one of the most preferred is by way of lost wax casting. The steps are easy to negotiate your way through however the equipment for casting can be expensive. In particular it is the vacuum machine and special oven that will run you into money. Water casting is another form of casting that is utilized quite a bit by jewelry makers.

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