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Christina Aguilera Navel Ring


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Many people want to have body piercings, but they are afraid to have the holes drilled into their bodies. There are some options available for those who are afraid to have themselves pierced. Faux body jewelry is the best option for people who don’t want real piercings. Fake body piercings can look like the real thing, but they don’t require any holes. The non-piercing jewelry allows people to try on the look of jewelry without the commitment of real body modifications caused by piercings. This faux piercing jewelry can give some individuals the chance to add some sparkle to their bodies without pain or promise. Fake body jewelry is available in belly button inserts, fake flesh plugs, fake lip and nipple rings, and many more faux piercing jewelry. Non-piercing jewelry can help individuals decide rather or not a real body piercing is right for them.

Fake belly button jewelry is designed for temporary-wear, without the need for holes in the skin surrounding the navel. The faux navel rings are available with a tube of body glue that can be used up to 20 times. Applying the fake belly button ring requires first cleaning the surface and applying the non-toxic glue to the backside of the jewelry piece and pressing it briefly to the navel. To remove a fake navel ring, the wearer removes the jewelry by washing the area with soap and water, but the belly jewel can be re-used as often as the wearer likes. Fake flesh plugs are designed for the ears, the plugs are available in many vibrant colors, and are designed to fit ears that to fit ears of a 1.2mm and 1.6mm gauge. The flesh plugs are designed in two pieces, and the front disc screws off for easy fitting, so there won’t be any stretching the months after the initial fitting.

Fake nipple jewelry clips onto the nipple instead, so people are not subject to the pain of having an actual nipple piercing. The fake jewelry is designed for temporary wear, and can be taken off at any time. The jewelry can fit any size nipple, and are adjustable to provide the optimal comfort, and nipple clamps are also available for individuals that are more daring than others.

Fake lip rings are also available for individuals wanting to try out the look. The lip rings are mush like fake earrings, or are available in types like the fake navel ring with glue that helps the fake jewelry stick the area under the lip.

Fake nose jewelry is one of the most common types of faux jewelry. The fake nose jewelry is available in many varieties of jewelry. Nose studs and nose rings are the most common type of this faux jewelry; the studs and rings can be worn on the nostril or the septum. The rings and studs are also available in a range of designs, so individuals can wear them for different occasions. Nose ring balls, nose ring jewels, and the plain nose ring are the most common types of faux nose jewelry worn.

Piercings can be expensive, painful, and pose many health risks, so fake body jewelry is one of the best options for those unwilling to take the risk. The clip on nose rings and navel rings are available in many sizes, styles and colors of metal. The temporary body jewelry may be best for teens who are considering piercings. Body piercing procedures and risks should be researched before a teen receives their body modifications. The non-piercing jewelry may also be an alternative for teens that are waiting until the legal age of 18 to get their body piercing.

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