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Corals are forms of marine life that come from a class that is scientifically known as Anthozoa. Coral is defined as a “rocklike deposit consisting of the calcareous skeletons secreted by various anthozoans.” Coral often grows in clumps of deposits and is commonly found attaching itself in large quantities to reefs or is prevalent on islands that are surrounded by warm seawater. Due to the location where it grows, coral is often associated with the season of summer as well as sunshine and beaches.

Coral is a delicate material but it is available in abundance and it is so beautiful, which might explain its immense popularity among jewelry lovers. Coral is believed to be one of the beautiful miracles that nature provides us with. When it comes to turning coral into pieces of jewelry, it is “corallium japonicum” and “corallium rubrum” that is made use of.

Coral is similar to pearls in that they both are products from the sea, the chemical composition of both is very much alike and they both are readily made into organic jewelry. Pearls and coral are both made up of 90% calcium carbonate. The exact same raw material from nature that gives up pearls also gives us scarlet coral.

When coral is unprocessed it is of a matt quality. It does not a brilliant shine to it until it has been thoroughly polished. Lower grade qualities of coral are very often porous and are either cracked or are filled with a number of holes. This lesser quality of coral can often still be used but it has to be filled with a type of colored wax to make it look better. Coral that is of a high quality on the other hand will not have any blotches or cracks in it, nor will it have any holes or striations. High-quality coral usually is of an even type of color. Due to the fact that coral that is genuine and untreated in extremely rare, it sells for excellent prices.

The most common color for coral to be found in is red however in nature coral comes in an array of colors from blue to brown to black to white to a number of different hues of red. As far as the red hues of coral are concerned it is most prevalently found in a deep dark red color or else a pale pink or salmon color. Corals that are black or gold are very popular to be made into jewelry, as they are considered elegant and sophisticated while the blue coral is rare and is therefore very much a sought after color. When the skin of the coral is a combination of white mixed with a touch of pink it is felt to be very precious. The rich red Japanese Moro coral is a particularly lovely variety as is the red “Sardegna” and the pale pink “Boke” coral.

While coral is not an extremely sensitive material, it is softer than other types of gemstones as it has a hardness of 3.5. Such things as bright light, hot water, cosmetics or improper treatment can easily destroy the beauty that is attributed to coral. When it needs to be cleaned, coral jewelry must be wiped with a soft, damp towel and it must always be kept in a safe place away from direct sunlight. If a piece of coral jewelry gets scratched, take it to the jeweler promptly to have it re-polished so it looks new again.

Coral has been used throughout time as both a protective stone and also as a way to decorate the body. In many cultures across the globe red coral are worn as talismans to ward off evil spirits. Today it is believed by gemstone therapists that coral helps to relieve tension as well as fear and can promote a positive feeling in a person’s psyche.

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