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Beaded jewelry is so popular because it is relatively easy to make and the supplies are not expensive to purchase. The other reason for its popularity is beaded jewellery can be fun to create and it looks really attractive (and funky some young people say) once it has been completed! Beaded jewelry comes in so many different shapes, sizes and colors that you can virtually design whatever piece of jewelry you desire. Make beaded necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and even prayer beads or holiday beads.

If you want to get in on the soaring popularity of beaded jewelry first take the time to do your research. Bead Style Magazine is an excellent resource and now the publisher of this informative magazine, Kalmback Books, has recently put out a book called “Easy Beading: Fast, Fashionable, Fun” has a collection of 140 of its best beading projects for enthusiasts to try. This book also is excellent for novice beaders as it explains the many different varieties of beads, as well as connectors and findings, some very basis techniques for making beaded jewelry and other interesting tidbits of information regarding beading.

A bead is defined as “a small, decorative object that is pierced for threading or stringing.” Some of the most common types of material used to make popular beaded jewelry include crystal, seed, stone, glass, plastic and pearls but there are other kinds of material used as well. These other materials include coral, metal, bone, horn, ivory, ceramic, gemstones, metal clay, polymer clay, shell, resin, wood, synthetic materials, fiber and even paper. The very first example of jewelry found the world over was believed to be a set of beads that was constructed from Nassarius shells that are over 100,000 years old.

Beaded jewelry comes into being when one or a number of different kinds of beads are put together. The beads might be strung together or they may be attached to a particular surface that the jewelry maker chooses to use. Handmade beaded jewelry is made all over the world and every piece is unique. Some pieces are graceful and elegant while others have an ornate brilliance to them that is unmatched by anything else. It is the sure diversity of beaded jewelry and the many possibilities that it inspires that make this type of jewelry popular not just today, but for many centuries.

Bead projects can range anywhere from simple to hard to extremely difficult. Beads can be strung together in any number of ways, using a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors if so desired to make jewellery items such as bracelets and earrings. The more advanced jewellery maker might decide to take on something more complex such as a multi-strand necklace or an ornament set.

When it comes time to go shopping for beads be aware that there are a tremendous variety of beds on the market when it comes to shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Some of the most well known kinds of beads include Delica beads, opaque beads, donut beads, Aurora Borealis beads, galvanized beads and seed beads. Delica beads are very symmetric in size and are cylindrical in shape; opaque beads are non-transparent and only available in a single color; donut beads, as the name implies are shaped like donuts and come in an array of colors; Aurora Borealis beads are either opaque or clear and come in many different colors; galvanized beads have a coating of metal on them while seed beads are small beads that “make the body of the ornament or that fill the spaces between the bigger beads.” Other types of beads include those that are transparent, matte finish beads with a dull coating and gold lined or silver lined beads.

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