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There are many things that need to be done before applying for a job. For starters, you will need to first of all work hard to create an impressive resume which hopefully will attract the attention of employers who will then call you for a job interview. Once you pass this first hurdle and come up for a personal interview you have to make sure that you reinforce the opinion you created with your resume. All these things are achievable provided you have the right kind of job hunting skills.

Glowing Reports

In fact, developing proper job hunting skills also require that you know how to manage your references because virtually every employer will ask for them as well as verify your background as well as get in touch with the people you have named in the references. You will often be asked to name three references who could be your past employers, co-workers as well as teachers and other professionals. Proper job hunting skills will mean that you know how to create a list of references and also go a step further to explain your current position with regard to applying for a job and your need for a glowing report.

At the same time an applicant with the right job hunting skills will also learn about how to eliminate referees that are not going to provide a positive reference. What’s more, an applicant with proper job hunting skills can be assured that they (the applicants) will be able to provide relevant references such as when applying for a front-office job to refer persons from the hotel industry.

However, it would be improper to list references in your CV because it is a much better option to provide names of references in a personal interview where you can give the email address of the referees so that the employer can get a quick response. In fact, before providing names of people as your references makes sure that the persons you name will be able to provide relevant information pertaining to your abilities and experience in the type of job for which you are applying.

You will find that job hunting skills and career builders is a good mix because career builders are regular folks that know their own careers and also what’s happening in the job market and will therefore be able to provide career counseling to help you improve your job hunting skills as well as chances of landing a plum job.

The last and most important job hunting skills is to, once you have landed a job, contact the persons whose names were given as references and update them about your current employment situation as well as thank them for the help they have given. This will stand you in good stead in the future as well.

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