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If you are in high school or college, you may be looking for a summer job. You want money to be able to do fun things with your friends or even your significant other and you know that the only way to get that money is through working. There are plenty of things that you can do to earn money this summer, but the sheer amount of jobs out there may be intimidating. Here is some summer job search information that might help you to find the perfect summer job for you!

Stay Local

One of the best summer job search tips is to try to stay as local as possible. With gas prices ever on the rise, you do not want to spend an hour’s pay on gas to drive to and from work every day. Instead, try to find a place nearby where you can ride your bike, walk, or drive less than five minutes to get there. This can be difficult if you live in an extremely rural area, but it is not difficult if you live in a well populated area. In addition, if your summer job search lands you close to home, you will be able to sleep later in the morning and spend less time on your commute.

Do Something You Love

Another great summer job search tip is to stick with something you actually enjoy doing. So many young people waste their entire summer slaving away at a job they hate with a boss they cannot stand and coworkers that drive them up the wall. Instead, try to find something that you will like to do. If you love shopping, find a job at the mall. If you enjoy talking to people, try waitressing. If boats are your passion, work at a boat store. There are countless places that your summer job search could lead you. If you find something that you really like doing, you can really enjoy your summer instead of feeling like a cog in a machine.

Look At School

A student summer job search might work best for you. Talk to your guidance counselor to see what sort of programs your school has set up. Many schools have paid internships or ties with local businesses looking specifically for summer workers. Your guidance counselor might be able to pair you up with a company that will meet your needs for a summer job. So before you go business to business filling out applications, talk to your guidance counselor at school.

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