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Best Inflatable Kayak Review

Kayak safety equipment is necessary to protect the people who like kayaking. The kayak safety equipment can make the difference between life and death in some extreme cases. All kayakers must have the basic kayak safety gear stowed in their kayaks or used when kayaking.

Personal Flotation Device Or Life Jacket

This kayak safety equipment is a necessity that should be followed whether in the sea or on a river. Not only does the flotation device or life jacket help you float but also some life jackets are equipped with lights and reflectors to signal where you are. This kayak safety equipment should always be worn even if the kayaker knows how to swim. In many cases, the personal flotation device is not the inflatable kind but the one with a floater inside. Even if you do not actually use the flotation device by falling into the sea, it can still serve the purpose of warming you up when cool winds come, this is especially useful for kayaking in colder regions.

Always wear the personal flotation device before you enter your kayak. Do not store it in the kayak and wait to put it on when you capsize. You may get separated easily from both your other kayak safety equipment as well as your kayak when trying to put on the flotation device.


A helmet is kayak safety equipment that is usually used for river kayaking. This is due to the fact that rivers have more boulders and rocks in and around the waters, either submerged or just below the surface, compared to most oceans, which are deeper. Some kayakers' aims are to ride the rapids, which are formed due to the outcropping of rocks and boulders in the river. This kayak safety equipment protects the head from injuries.

Bailing Device And Spray Skirt

The spray skirt is actually a device that prevents the water or spray from entering the kayak through the rim where the person is seated. This kayak safety equipment reduces the risk of the kayak submerging due to water in the kayak. In spite of this, water may still enter the kayak so a bailing device or a pump should be used to pump out the water. Water in the kayak can spell danger for the kayaker so make sure that it does not accumulate too much by using the necessary kayak safety equipment.

This kayak safety equipment is not for show only and should be used when necessary. One's safety is paramount when out kayaking so bringing the basic kayak safety equipment should be practiced.