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Best Kayak Paddle Offset

Kayaking is a very exhilarating sport especially of done on the river. Sea kayaking can be great exercise for muscles and the heart. It can also be very soothing and be a form of relaxation for many individuals. The practice of bringing basic kayak safety gear should always be practiced even if you are planning on just a short kayak trip and even if you have others accompanying you on this trip.

Basic Equipment For All

The basic kayak safety gear should include a personal flotation device, a helmet (usually for river kayaking), a pump for bailing and a first aid kit

A personal flotation device or a life jacket is necessary to help keep you afloat in times of need. Knowing how to swim and being able to keep afloat in raging waters are different from each other. This kayak safety gear helps the individual even if the kayaker knows how to swim. The personal flotation device is an important part of both river and sea kayak gear since both the river and the sea can have rough waters.

A helmet as kayak safety gear is most useful for river kayaking. This is because there are many boulders and rocks exposed and submerged in the river that the kayaker may encounter. This kayak safety gear can also be used in sea kayaking to protect the head from injuries but the risk of this is much less compared to river kayaking. The kayak helmet usually covers most of the head, with the forehead somewhat exposed and also the nape of the neck.

Another piece of kayak safety gear is a pump or a bailing kit. Spray skirts are often used to prevent water from entering the kayak. Not everybody uses a spray skirt since this can be cumbersome especially when the kayak has turned over. Taking off the spray skirt can take away precious seconds. To ensure that water does not accumulate in the kayak bottom, the pump or bailing kit is used. A pump is more advisable to use as part of your basic kayak safety gear since it can be used even with the spray skirt on compared to a small bailing bucket.

A first aid kit can contain necessary medicine and remedies for ailments that may occur during your kayaking trip. Make sure to stock it with necessary things that are relevant to kayaking. This kayak safety gear must have a lot of bandages and antiseptic in case of scrapes and cuts incurred during kayaking.

There may be other kayak safety gear that might be relevant to the kind of kayaking trip you have in mind.