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Best Ocean Going Kayaks

Kayaking is one marine sport that offers an individual or a pair the chance to explore the ocean or river at their leisure. Kayaking is usually done with a small boat powered by the human paddler. The paddler's legs are usually enclosed in the boat while he paddles with a double paddle. There is some necessary kayak gear that an individual interested in kayaking should have.

Essential Kayak Gear

These basic kayak gear accessories are necessary to make the kayaking experience the safest and most enjoyable for the kayaker. The boat and the paddles are among the necessities to be able to go kayaking. Along with the kayak equipment mentioned above, the following are necessary for the safety of the kayaker, the helmet, the spray skirt and the personal flotation device.

The helmet is the single most piece of kayak gear that protects the head of the person going kayaking from potential bumps on anything hard that the kayaker may encounter in the waters. In choosing your kayaking helmet, you need to look at the standard on which the manufacture based the safety of the helmet. ANSI is one of the standards for kayak helmets as well as other kinds of helmets that are around to keep your noggin from being damaged. This piece of kayak gear helps to keep your scalp in one piece and protects your head from sharp jagged rocks. Once your helmet has been through a big bump it may be necessary to buy a new one.

The spray skirt is necessary to prevent water from getting into the kayak. This equipment is necessary for the safety of the kayaker because if the kayak fills up with water, the potential to sink is increased as well as the comfort of the kayaker is reduced.

A personal flotation device is necessary kayak gear that one must have when using a kayak. This can very well save your life when used properly. Spills from a kayak often happen and whether you can swim well or not, a personal flotation device should be worn for the safety of the individual. This kayak gear accessory is especially helpful if you are too weak to stay afloat. Many flotation devices also have reflector or lights to signal passing ships or boats of your presence.

Other Kayak Gear

Spare paddle is one kayak gear that will turn out handy if you lose your original paddle. Other equipment or gear that is always handy for emergency use are flares and a first aid kit. These are especially necessary when you plan on taking a long trip with your kayak. A bilge pump to help you get rid of any water that has entered the kayak is another kayak gear accessory that you need to have.