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Anyone who is interested in going kayak fishing is going to have to invest in an inflatable river kayak. There are some terrific options out there for an inflatable river kayak, and you really just have to know where to look. Here are a few of the best companies for anyone looking for an inflatable river kayak.

Zebec Boats

If you want a large selection of inflatable kayaks to choose from, this is the perfect company for you. They feature quite a few different kayaks, including the Sport Bug, which is one of their best selling kayaks. This kayak features built in transom, self bailing floor, three quick e-inflate twarts, rubbing strake around the sides of the hull, collapsible aluminum oars, patch kit, foot pump, carrying bag and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Sierra South

Another fantastic retailer you should check out if you are shopping for an inflatable river kayak is Sierra South. They have a vast selection of new and used kayaks and rafts for you to choose from, all at very affordable prices. Their Dagger Agent 6.0 is one of the best sellers, and this is the newest play boat design from Dagger. It is a very nice aerial boat with quick edge-to-edge transition, and plenty of rocker front and back allows for front and back surf as well as traditional slicey moves.

There is also the Dagger Agent 6.2 which is basically the upgrade on the 6.0 Retailing for nearly $1000 it is quite pricey but well worth every penny because it is an inflatable river kayak that you know is going to be durable and last you for years.


If you have ever purchased an inflatable river kayak in the past or are a kayaking expert, you have surely heard of the Clavey name before. They offer whitewater rafts, fishing inflatables, inflatable kayaks, touring kayaks, kayak accessories, camping equipment, drop bags and cargo, gear bags, oars, repair materials, pumps and much more.

These are just a few of the many different retailers and companies that are out there and which offer inflatable river kayaks, so take a bit of time to browse through the selection so you will be able to decide on the right one for you. Any good kayaking store will have a well-trained staff that will be able to work with you and ensure that you are getting the best kayak for you and your needs.

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