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The process of choosing a canoe kayak paddle is one that may take you a bit of time. After all there is such a multitude of options out there to choose from, so especially to the newcomer to the sport of kayaking, so deciding which canoe kayak paddle to go with may often be a quite confusing process.

However, with a bit of helpful information you will become more educated and will be able to more easily decide on which canoe kayak paddle is going to be best suited to you and your needs.

Different Types

The first step in choosing a canoe kayak paddle is to learn about the different types of paddles that are out there. There are basically four major types of canoe kayak paddles that you can choose from: recreational paddles, tripping or cruising paddles, marathon or racing paddles, and whitewater paddles.

Each of these separate types of paddle has its own use, which you will obviously need to be aware of before you will be able to decide which is going to be best for you.

The recreational paddles are good for all around cruising, if you just want to relax in your kayak and cruise around the waters. Tripping or cruising paddles are used for cruising efficiently for hours so durability and weight are both very important when choosing these paddles.

Then there are the marathon or racing paddles, which are typically used for sporting events, and the paddles are bent shaft paddles which look somewhat like a shovel with a bent blade. They are often the choice of marathon racers and kayakers who want to be going fast when they are out on the water.

Finally there are the whitewater canoe kayak paddles, which have big wide blades with squared off edges that pull lots of water.

You can either buy your canoe kayak paddle or you can choose to go with a canoe kayak rental, so you will just rent the paddles for when you need them. If you are just starting out in the sport it may be a good idea for you to rent your canoe kayak paddle at first, to try out a few different types and see what you feel comfortable with.

On the other hand, if you have experience you will be more educated on the different paddles available and will feel more comfortable spending the money initially which will be much more than the cost of renting.