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Kayak Rod Length


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There seems to be a different magazine for everything in the world these days, from celebrities to fashion, guitars to drums. Canoe kayakers often wonder if there is a canoe kayak magazine available that they can check out, and the answer is yes, there are actually quite a few.

Canoe & Kayak

If you want a top quality canoe kayak magazine, one that offers you all the important information on everything to do with the sport, the Canoe & Kayak magazine is going to be perfect for you.

They offer information on different paddling books that are available, what’s new in the world of kayaks, kayak camping, national parks that you can visit for your next kayak adventure and much more.

What’s even more, they offer their canoe kayak magazine online, so if you have access to a computer and the Internet you can view the entire magazine including current issues right online. This makes it a lot quicker and easier for you to view the magazine and search up particular information that you are interested in learning about.


Another canoe kayak magazine that you may want to check out is Wavelength. They applaud everyone who chooses to share the age-old, worldwide culture of paddling. Whether you are ready to explore and enjoy the Pacific coast or go down the whitewater rapids, they offer valuable information that you will want to read about.

This canoe kayak magazine offers information on everything to do with the sport of kayaking, from tips on how to buy a kayak to advice on where to shop for a canoe kayak paddle.

One of their most recent issues included an article on the new ergonomically correct paddle, which was designed by Gullwing Paddles and which was created to help kayakers of all ages enjoy kayaking while reducing the major stress that is caused by the basic straight paddles.

These paddle blades are made of fiberglass reinforced nylon, the handle made of a lightweight and very durable aluminum alloy.

These are just a few of the many wonderful kayaking magazines that are available, so take a bit of time to browse around and see what is out there, so that you can choose to read the magazines that are going to offer you the specific information you are looking for. These magazines are also very inexpensive, and even free if they are available online, which those discussed here all are.

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