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If there is one item that you should purchase for the upcoming summer season, it is the inflatable ocean kayak. This is a fantastic way to get yourself out on the water and experience some great adventures, and if you buy a two or more person inflatable ocean kayak you will even be able to bring a couple of friends or family members along for the ride.

What It Is

An inflatable ocean kayak, also known as an inflatable river kayak, is a small human-powered boat that can take people down the ocean or river. A double-bladed paddle, by one or more sitting paddlers, propels a kayak. There is no actual motor in a kayak but instead completely human-powered, and so not only are they a whole lot of fun but they are also great for a workout.


There are a few things that you want to keep in mind about the inflatable ocean kayak. After all, if you think that all inflatable kayaks are just children’s toys, you are very wrong and are in for a pleasant surprise. Inflatable kayaks are actually incredibly rugged and durable, and can take you all the way down the whitewater rapids, if you want.

Well made inflatable kayaks also offer several advantages over their hard-shelled counterparts. For one, they are much more buoyant because they are more lightweight. They are also much easier to assemble because rather than having to put parts together you simply inflate the kayak and you are set and ready to go.

If you are looking for a kayak that is easily transportable, the inflatable kayaks are going to be perfect for you. They can be stowed into a pack that can be carried in planes or in a backpack if you are going to be doing some hiking, and this is one of the greatest features of all because you certainly would not be able to do this with the basic kayak.

Where to Buy Them

If you are interested in getting an inflatable ocean kayak for yourself, there are various companies located all around the world that you can go through. Because of the multitude of makes and models of kayaks that are available however, it may take you a bit of time to decide which one is going to be best for you.

Any water sports store will have at least a remote selection of kayaks to choose from, but if you want more variety when shopping then you will want to head to a retailer who focuses on inflatable kayaks and similar products.

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