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What Paddle Size For Kayak Fishing


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If you are interested in purchasing a 1 person inflatable kayak, you are first going to want to learn about what your options are, what kayaks you have available to choose from. Sevylor is definitely one of the leading names in the 1 person inflatable kayak world, and absolutely one of the first that you are going to want to consider.


One of the top names for everything water sports, Sevylor is a company that you can trust in and rely on for all your needs. They are a market leader in unique and innovative inflatable products such as kayaks and boats, and their produce line also includes the ever-growing lifestyle of backyard leisure, fashion floats and pool products. They are known around the world for their top-quality products in the water sports and recreation markets, and the best thing of all is that their products are actually affordable.

They have more than just a wide variety of the 1 person inflatable kayak, their Tahiti Classic, actually a 2 person kayak, is one of their best selling products. This kayak is made of special PVS and features an I-beam floor, drain hole with plug, Boston valves and specially designed inflatable seats with back support to offer the most extreme comfort.

Advanced Elements

Another well-known name in the 1 person inflatable kayak industry is Advanced Elements. They offer kayaks with cutting-edge technology, and their goal is to develop new and unique water sports equipment that enhances their customers’ outdoor experiences. Their kayaks incorporate many different materials and components, put together to deliver the optimum in power and performance.

Other names that you may want to consider for your 1 person inflatable kayak include Astral Buoyancy Company, Clipper Canoe, Coastal Waters Recreation, Current Designs, Dagger Kayaks, GCI Outdoor, Harmony Gear, Heliconia Press, Heritage Kayaks, Cascade Designs, BAC Industries, Adventure 16, Aire Inflatables and Aqua-Bound Paddles.

You can purchase a fantastic inflatable kayak canoe from any one of these companies, and know that it is going to be durable and last you for years and adventures to come. Just make sure that you take proper care of your kayak and perform proper maintenance on it when necessary to ensure it stays in the best possible shape.

Make all your kayaking adventures the most fun by choosing a high quality kayak that is going to be able to withstand the wear and tear that you put it through.

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