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The process of shopping for an inflatable kayak is one that certainly does not have to be difficult, but there are certain steps you are going to want to follow, and more than anything you want to make sure that you are shopping at the right company for your inflatable kayak. There are some terrific options available to you, and so if you are shopping for an inflatable kayak here are a few of the top companies that you will want to consider.

Mountain Equipment Co-Op

Any sports enthusiast has heard of the Mountain Equipment Co-Op Company before. They exist to serve the needs of all consumers and their products are built with purpose, people and the planet in mind.

If you think all kayaks are the same, you will definitely start thinking differently after you check out the inflatable kayak selection offered by this retailer. Whether you are looking for a 1 person or 2 person inflatable kayak, they offer everything you need.

All of their kayaks are buoyant, easy to assemble, transportable and easy to store. They know that other kayaks can be hard to keep during the colder months, but with their inflatable kayaks you can easily store them away in a room or closet until you are ready to use them.


Another company that you may want to check out for an inflatable kayak is Sears. Many people are not aware of it but Sears does in fact have inflatable kayak. They may not have the largest selection to choose from, but their Sevylor Hudson 3-person inflatable kayak is particularly popular.

This kayak features a nylon-covered hull with reinforced nylon bottom, two removable and inflatable side chambers, and includes a removable skag for directivity. There are welded directional stakes, elevated seats with a high backrest to offer comfort, and a repair kit is even included so if you ever have a problem with the kayak while you are out on the water you will be able to use this repair kit and be well on your way.

There are some fantastic options when it comes to inflatable kayaks, just make sure that you put some time and consideration into your purchasing process in order to ensure that you spend your money wisely and get the best kayak for you. One of the most important steps is deciding how many people on average you are planning to have in the kayak, because this will determine the size of kayak that you are going to need to get.

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