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Pbs Kids Sanish

They say itís very difficult for an adult to learn a foreign language. Kids are easy because their brains are like sponges. However, itís not impossible for an adult to learn a foreign language as long as the proper tools are used. In the U.S., Spanish is almost a necessity for those who wish to remain competitive in the workforce. If you speak English and Spanish, you will more likely get hired before someone who doesnít speak Spanish. So itís well worth it to learn Spanish. You can take a class, you can buy expensive software programs such as the Rosetta Stone, or you can learn basic Spanish online. Thatís right, you can find free lessons online that will teach you the basics which are essential if you hope to become fluent in Spanish.


To learn basic Spanish online, you need to become familiar with basic vocabulary. Itís going to be difficult to get the accent and spelling down at first and you must keep up with it. Just because you take a few lessons by learning basic Spanish online, doesnít mean youíll become fluent. It takes months if not years to become fluent in any language and this only comes from constant practice and usage. Weíre talking about at least an hour every day. Once you learn the basic vocabulary, then you can move onto basic sentences that will help you get around in a Spanish speaking country.

Basic Sentences

The basic sentences youíll want to focus on when learning basic Spanish online have to do with asking for directions, ordering at a restaurant and also the things youíll need to say if you ever have an emergency. If youíre learning Spanish for your job, youíll want to learn conversational Spanish online that will help you with that also. You should get the phrases down that youíll typically use so that you can help both English and Spanish people.

You can learn basic Spanish online but youíll need to practice everyday if you hope to ever become fluent. It will take a long time but when you finally get it down, youíll be much more valuable to any employer and youíll be able to visit more Spanish speaking countries with no problems. Finding sites to learn basic Spanish online are easy; just do a search. Theyíre all over the internet. Some are better than others but you should be able to find one youíre comfortable with.