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There are many ways to learn Spanish. You can take a class, you can hire a tutor, and you can even go to a country that speaks Spanish where you’ll have no choice but to pick it up. These cost money, however. You need money to take a class, you need money to hire a tutor and you need money to travel abroad. So how can you learn Spanish for free? You can learn Spanish online for free. When you learn Spanish online, you can work at it anywhere you want to and anytime you have time to practice. It’s convenient and it can be a lot of fun. There are a few drawbacks to learning Spanish online, however. When you learn Spanish online, you need self determination or else you’ll quit prematurely. You need to be able to push yourself, to accomplish the small goals you set for yourself and you need to be able to practice often.

There are many sites that you can learn Spanish online with, you just need to do an internet search. Look at the various ones and see which one you may be most comfortable with. How is the outlay? Is the site easy to navigate? Does the site challenge you? Is there a set curriculum? Will the site allow you to have the basics down first before you move onto the harder, more advanced Spanish? These are things you definitely want to look for when learning Spanish online.

Practice Often

You may be able to work anywhere and anytime when you learn Spanish online but you have to have discipline. You need to practice at least an hour a day if you hope to ever become fluent. That means saying the words and phrases aloud and making an effort to say the words perfectly. It’s only through practice and constant usage that you’ll ever get better. Soon, through the constant practice, you’ll find yourself getting so good that you’ll be able to actually carry on a conversation.


When you learn Spanish online, you should try to actually speak with a Spanish speaker every now and again to get some application help. It’s going to be very nerve racking at first but you will get better over time. Soon, nobody will ever believe that you ever learned Spanish online because the fact is that not many people have the will power and determination to learn a foreign language that way.

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