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Spanish Games For Advanced

You can learn vocabulary words all day long and you still won’t be fluent in Spanish. Why? Because people don’t just talk in individual words, they talk in phrases. When you want something to eat, you say, “I want something to eat.” You don’t just say, “Eat,” or “hungry.” So you must get the phrases down if you hope to be able to carry on a conversation with a Spanish speaking person. You must learn those phrases and then practice those phrases so that you can become more fluent. When you speak with someone who speaks Spanish, they talk very fast. If you don’t practice speaking those phrases quickly, and listening to those phrases spoken quickly, you’ll never be fluent. To learn phrases, you can take a class or find a tutor. But if you’re looking to learn Spanish for free, you might be better off learning Spanish phrases online.

Phrase Dictionaries

There are several language phrase dictionaries online. You simply type in the English counterpart and the site will translate that phrase to Spanish. The problem with this is that not everything is translated equally. Some phrases in English make no sense in Spanish and vice versa. So you should really find sites that only have the Spanish phrases. Learn those phrases, and what they mean in English, and practice those until you memorize them. You must keep up with learning Spanish phrases online. That means practicing for at least an hour every day if you hope to become fluent. But it’s not enough to just speak the language. You must also hear how it’s spoken.


If you’re going to learn Spanish phrases online, you need to hear how the phrases are spoken properly. You must learn how the accent is pronounced and how speak that accent. Unless the site you use to learn Spanish phrases online has interactivity, that is it allows you to hear the phrases spoken and it allows you to speak the phrases to the computer where your voice is analyzed. Most of the sites like this require you to pay for the technology used, but if you can find one for free then good for you. The bottom line is that unless you can interact with the computer, then learning Spanish phrases online will be rather difficult.

But once you do learn the Spanish phrases, you’ll see how much faster you’ll pick up the language and you’ll be fluent in no time.