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Thyme Maternity Company is a Canadian based company with retail locations all over Canada. The company specializes in one of a kind maternity wear with very wearable styles. Their clothing is perfect for exercise, casual dress, and the work place. They use many neutral colors and bright complementing colors to create a very fashion forward appearance throughout an entire pregnancy.

Revolutionary Pants

Thyme Maternity has two revolutionary styles of pants to compliment their other more traditional styles of waist bands. They offer a three in one waist band and the before and after pants. These waist bands are available for both denim and cotton or twill style pants.

The three in one waistband give full belly coverage in stage one, middle of the belly coverage in stage two, and low rise below the belly waist in stage three. Stage one is often most comfortable late in pregnancy when it is uncomfortable to have anything directly on the belly.

Stage two is often the most comfortable in the second trimester when the woman is just starting to show her pregnancy. The third stage can be comfortable any time during pregnancy and make the Thyme Maternity pants easy to wear after the baby is born.

Before and after pants have a discrete elastic waist that looks as if it buttons like any other pants. These pants will be comfortable during pregnancy and after when most mothers carry a little extra weight.

The pants are so stylish that women won’t mind wearing them for those few months after pregnancy before their non-maternity clothes fit again. Thyme Maternity pants look and fit like no other maternity pants.


Thyme Maternity tops are cute and functional. They offer a variety of plain T-Shirts, trendy short sleeved shirts, tanks, sweaters, and hooded sweatshirts. These tops have a snug fit through the chest and arms and a flowing fit over the ever expanding belly. They extenuate a woman’s full pregnant figure while not allowing the shirts to look too small.

The Thyme Maternity trendy shirts stay with the latest fashion trends and color schemes. All of the many styles of tops to choose from have full belly coverage and are long enough to permit any peeking from below the shirt even in the last month of pregnancy.

Thyme Maternity Skin Care System

Thyme Maternity is about more than beautiful clothes, they also want every mother to have beautiful skin; Thyme Maternity Skin Care system works in three ways. One cream helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and over all condition the sensitive skin of the belly.

Another cream works to firm the breasts which can also suffer from stretch marks and sagging. The skin on the breasts is also commonly dry, having a moisturizing lotion can help the delicate area to feel more comfortable.

The third ointment works to relieve the tired feeling pregnant women’s legs can get all through pregnancy but especially towards the end when she is carrying so much extra weight. The Thyme Maternity Tired Legs Gel helps legs to feel reenergized. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 1 seconds. Current time: 11:52:05 PM