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Petite Pregnant Woman

Many women start to feel uncomfortable in their clothes towards the end of their first trimester with their first pregnancy. A second or later pregnancy can be uncomfortable sooner as many women begin to “show” sooner with consequent pregnancies.

To feel more comfortable maternity support belts can help. Some maternity belts are designed to hold up non-maternity pants or oversized maternity pants during the first trimester. These belts are made by Ingrid and Isabel called Bella Bands, these bands offer tummy support and can be customized during different stages of pregnancy to maximize comfort.

The Second Trimester

During the second trimester, many women start to feel very heavy in the front. A maternity support belt is the perfect fix to this problem. There are several styles, some styles are a single cotton and elastic band which sit on the lower back and under the belly to help hold up the bump.

Other styles act much in the same fashion, with the exception that they also have support on the top to give a growing belly even more lift. One final style which can be very comfortable during the end of the second trimester is the Cradle V2 Supporter.

This maternity support belt not only supports the belly and back a lift. It also has extra support for the groin muscles which can plague women towards the end of the second trimester and all through the third trimester.

The Third Trimester

A woman’s third trimester of pregnancy is when she really needs the comfort of a maternity support belt. One of the best is the Medela Maternity Support Belt. This maternity belt will fit the tummy like most, but unlike most belts it is extra wide in the back and is soft yet firm to really support an aching back.

The third trimester is also a good time for the Bella Band maternity support belt because it can be folded down in half to hold up pants. Pants always want to roll off a taut, very pregnant belly.

This maternity support belt also adds a bit of added support because it’s super stretchy and soft. Plus, it looks like t-shirt or tank top when the maternity shirts inevitably rises every time a pregnant woman reaches her arms towards the end of the third trimester.

Post Partum

After having a baby many women cannot fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes for months yet their maternity pants are too big, there are a few solutions to this problem. One is the Bella Band maternity support belt, because it will hold up pants or cover open zippers and hold up pants to extend a wardrobe.

The other solution is to use an extra wide maternity support belt or a post partum support belt. This will hold in the extra weight and help clothes fit better until a new mom is able to get her tummy back to normal.