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Petite Pregnant Woman

Maternity shirts are available from nearly every major retailer. These retailers include: Wal-Mart, Target, JC Penny, Sears, Macy’s, Old Navy and more. There are also specialty boutiques like Motherhood and Thyme Maternity.

Maternity shirts are different from regular sized shirts because they are longer as well as stretchy around the belly. Most maternity shirts can grow with a woman as she grows from first showing to bursting out.

Finding long comfortable shirts is important when you’re pregnant, a too short or too tight shirt won’t last the entire pregnancy. Nobody wants the band of their maternity pants poking out the bottom of their shirt for the last couple of weeks.

Trendy Tops

Trendy tops are available at most maternity specialty stores and most anywhere else maternity clothes are sold. To find the best maternity shirts to fit a woman’s individual style she should shop the stores she normally shops, but in the maternity section of course.

Old Navy, for example, has very cute maternity clothes, but not all of their locations have a maternity section. To buy maternity shirts, pants, and pajamas at Old Navy those people would need to shop over the internet. This can be the case with all sorts of maternity stores.

Work Tops

Stores like Sears, JC Penny, and Motherhood will have a great selection of clothes for working pregnant women. They will have a large selection of maternity shirts and blouses plus slacks that would suit most company’s business casual dress codes.

Other great maternity shirts and blouses can be found by Bebe and Due Maternity. They have very fashionable styles that are anything but run of the mill, if there is no retail location available, they both take online orders.

Fun Tops

Most pregnant women tire of the questions: “are you pregnant?”, “when are you due?”, “is it a boy or girl?” or (gasp) “can I touch your belly?” Some maternity shirt companies have found a solution to stop those endless reins of questions, they have the most adorable t-shirts with sayings for pregnant women.

Some will have the baby’s sex and due month printed on them, others will say “don’t touch the bump” or “I’m not fat, I’m Pregnant.” Any woman with a good sense of humor would love one of these maternity shirts, and they would look great with a pair of maternity jeans.

It is important when buying any maternity shirt that most company’s sizes are based on the woman’s pre-maternity size not her current size. If purchasing from a new company in person she may want to try on a few shirts in different styles to make sure they stretch enough or are long enough. If ordering maternity shirts on the internet from a company for the first time, a pregnant woman should read the store’s sizing guide and measure carefully to be sure of a good fit.