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Petite Pregnant Woman

As a woman’s body changes throughout her pregnancy she can expect her breasts, belly, and hips to grow larger by the end of her pregnancy. As every woman buys maternity clothes, every woman should also buy maternity bras.

Maternity bras differ from regular bras in several ways. The material is often different in maternity bras compared to regular bras, they will offer more support throughout the cup and straps.

Maternity bras may also have adjustable cups and extra adjustable clasps on the back of the bra, this helps the bra grow with the woman as her body changes. Women planning to breastfeed may want to purchase a couple nursing bras towards the end of their pregnancy.

When to Switch

Most women will feel more comfortable in a maternity bra from the beginning of their pregnancy when their breasts are tender. The tenderness in the breasts is often due to hormonal changes.

Pregnant women should wear a bra at all times due to the added weight most women experience. Choosing a special night time bra with soft supports rather than an underwire bra will help sleeping in a bra be more comfortable.

Some women like to have the support of underwires during the day. Maternity bras with underwires are padded extra thickly for extra comfort and longer wear.

During the middle of the pregnancy most women will notice their bras tightening. This may be a good time to buy one or two larger sized bras or switch to a maternity bra if they haven’t already.

Sometime during the third trimester is a good time to switch from maternity bras to nursing bras if the mother plans on breast feeding. Many nursing bras have the same comfort features as a maternity bra with extra clasps on the front of the cup to allow the baby to nurse.


There are several companies which sell exclusively intimate wear, though many of those such as Victoria’s Secret do not sell maternity bras. But, in an effort to keep pregnant women feeling sexy many maternity clothing designers also make beautiful choices for maternity intimate wear.

Maternity bras are available in most sizes from A to E and beyond depending on the exact company and are available in most colors both neutral and bright fun colors. Many retailers have bras designed to be worn with T-shirts with little to no seams and others with beautiful lace details.

Maternity bras aren’t shapeless or uncomfortable as they were in the past, today they have all the beauty of regular bras with the added comfort pregnant women need. Nursing bras have become just as modernized, with beautiful colors and styles to suit anyone’s taste.