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Petite Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women are generally very prone to urinary tract infections. According to experts, more than 50% of women who are pregnant experience some kind of infection in their genital areas such as urinary tract infection and yeast infection. Infections suffered by pregnant women could be passed on to their unborn child and may result in some problems when the baby is born.

If you are pregnant and you have had a history on urinary tract infections or yeast infections, you should be very careful in choosing your maternity lingerie. Note that proper hygiene and wearing the right type of maternity lingerie can help a lot in avoiding infections in your vaginal area while pregnant.

The Importance of Cotton Maternity Lingerie

According to experts, pregnant women should always opt for cotton maternity lingerie. Pure cotton is a whole lot safer to use than any other materials. Cotton maternity lingerie is comfortable and cool so there is lesser possibility for it to cause irritation.

Note that synthetic materials like polyester could contain some irritating substance that could cause some forms of infection. Experts believe that since the genital structures of women are open it is not advisable for women to wear lingerie made up of synthetic materials especially during pregnancy.

Aside from the dangers of irritating substances that may be present in synthetic materials such as polyester can cause the proliferation of yeast bacteria. Since polyester maternity lingerie generates extra heat, it is considered as an idea breeding ground for yeast bacteria.

Although yeast bacteria is not really very dangerous, yeast infection can be very uncomfortable. This infection causes itchiness around the genital areas that some people cannot help but scratch themselves in public. In some cases, yeast infections can cause some pain and discomforts when urinating.

When selecting your cotton maternity lingerie, experts advise that you get only those non-colored items. According to experts, white pure cotton maternity lingerie is ideal because it did not go through any processes where it is exposed to harsh chemicals.

Colored materials unusually undergo the dying process and some traces chemicals in the dye used could linger in the materials. Some experts believe that traces of chemicals in the maternity lingerie could be harmful to you and your baby. Although the possibilities of this harm had not really been substantiated by concrete studies, it is still a sound advice to steer clear of the things that could potentially harm you and your baby. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.