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Choosing suitable maternity bridesmaid dresses can be a very daunting job. It gets even harder when the bridesmaid is pregnant. But nowadays there are just too many retailers and manufacturers considering this option of the market, which means you don’t have to worry if your bridesmaid suddenly gets pregnant six months before your wedding.

If you were to go online and browse through some online boutiques, you will discover that there are many stores having a special corner or section for maternity bridesmaid dresses itself. There are so many elegant bridesmaid gowns which can be chosen from various colors and designs to fit your party or wedding’s setting and theme, or at least with the bride’s dress. They can be flattering, feminine, seductive, simple and plain, or even sexy.

If you are the bridesmaid then you have to find out where the bride’s dress was chosen from, and look around if they have something for you. Some boutiques that make the wedding dresses can easily make maternity bridesmaid dresses without any problem. You can seek them for help, but if you can’t find it, then you should start hunting for one which at least suits the setting and theme of the wedding.


In certain places, you have the option of personalizing your dress. Normally wedding dress makers make the maternity bridesmaid dresses along too, and in that case nothing much can be done except for mixing and matching. Unless it’s tailor-made, you have the options of doing major alterations. This is actually very important, because in certain cases it is very hard to predict the growth of your belly, or even you weight. What happens if after buying your dress, you start to gain uncontrollable extra weight out of sudden?

Many places do not allow returning the dresses for a refund or repair, so measuring and giving them the accurate size is very essential. If you are big, then you can go for plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses, which can only be found in certain brands and tailor-made ones. But these custom ordered and made ones will take some time to get to you; at least 6 weeks. In those 6 weeks anything can happen, such as sudden gain of weight or unexpected lost. In that case, make sure the dress it able to be altered. If you’re able to predict the difference in 6 weeks, give them the best and most accurate predicted size.

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