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For After Birth

One of the most famous things people like to do during pregnancy is taking portraits of themselves, in any manner which portrays the pregnancy as a beautiful process of life. When it comes to taking maternity portraits, there are usually two options, you can either ask a photographer; or you can ask an artist to paint portrait of you in the pregnant form.


If you go online and browse through the portraits of certain women taken during their pregnancy, you will understand why there’s a necessity for such a thing at the first place. Most people do not really realize the importance of keeping memories and moments of happiness. Pregnancy is a very different state in a woman’s life, which by itself is a natural wonder and beauty. And the best thing you could do to appreciate that beauty is to capture it into a picture form, for later viewing in future.

When it comes to maternity portraits especially photography, you make the final decision. This is simply because you are now hiring someone to look at your beautiful belly, which only belongs to your husband traditionally to look at; put aside your doctor. Some people even go to the extent of taking erotic pictures, but meant for a different purpose of course! Some people take the whole body naked as well, while some others stick to simply just showing off their cute belly. For the first two types, a good as well as professional photographer is very essential, not to forget one who respects the concept of privacy.

And photography, sometimes also can include a family picture, except family here only refers to the husband, and probably the first child if there is one. It is important that fathers become a part of maternity portraits, simply because they form the other half of everything. If you go online, you can view hundreds of sample maternity portraits which show how you can include your husbands in your maternity portraits. For some woman, it is their first family portrait, and trying to be different by taking a maternity portrait is always nice.

Painting and sketches

Some people prefer showing off the beauty in the form of color or oil painting, or perhaps graphite sketches. This is in fact a very different method of maternity portraits, because there’s additional effort of sitting and drawing out the whole thing.