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For After Birth

As you progress to the second and the third trimester of your pregnancy, you may experience some aches and pains in your body. As your baby grows big inside your tummy, your body will strain to accommodate it and your joints and bones would ache. Having a good maternity pillow could help you relax your body and relieve you of some of the aches and pains.

The Importance of Maternity Pillow

Pillows are wonderful when it comes to making you comfortable in bed and in your favorite chair. A maternity pillow that is just the right size and is not too soft or too fluffy could help a lot to make you feel comfortable especially during the last trimester of your pregnancy. Note that the last trimester of your pregnancy can be very trying at times so it is very important that you make yourself comfortable and avoid undue stress.

A maternity pillow has many uses. If you haven been having troubles relaxing and breathing while lying in bed, prop yourself up a bid with a maternity pillow so that you can breath easier. A big maternity pillow can help you elevate your head and relieve some of the pressures off your diaphragm.

You can also use a smaller maternity pillow to cushion you tummy when lying on your side. Experts believe that using a small maternity pillow to support the weight of your tummy when lying on your side could effectively reduce the strains on your back muscles and spinal column. The lesser the strain on your back and your spinal column, the more comfortable you will feel when lying down.

Aside from shortness of breath, you may experience some pains and even have muscle cramps especially in your legs during the advance stage of your pregnancy. If your tummy is already quite heavy, your legs will strain to carry your weight so it is normal to feel some pains and cramps on your legs.

In some cases, varicose veins may appear on your legs which could add to your discomforts. To help you relieve some of the pains and aches in your legs, prop your legs up on a maternity pillow while sitting or lying down. According to experts, propping your legs on a big maternity pillow can help relieve some of the tension in your leg muscles and prevent muscle cramps. When setting down in bed, you can also use a maternity pillow to prop your legs a bit to a comfortable position.