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For After Birth


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Choosing sizes for Old Navy maternity clothes is easy, they have handy measurement charts to help a woman find the right size no matter how her body changes. They offer a wide range of sizes from XS (pre-pregnancy size 1-2) up to XXL (pre-maternity size 20).

The website even offers a measurement guide to ensure every woman is able to find the best possible fit by following a few simple instruction. The sizes are based on maternity chest, maternity hips, and inseam depending on the style.

Pants offer waists for any stage of pregnancy. The real waist for early pregnancy, all around stretch which is comfortable all through pregnancy, it sits low on the hips.

There is the front panel style, which is stretch only in the front, and the roll down style which will allow a woman to wear the waist over the belly or rolled under. It all depends how she feels throughout her pregnancy.

Winter Styles

Old Navy maternity has comfortable clothes for the pregnant winter mother to be. They offer fashionable hooded sweat shirts and coordinating bottoms for super casual days. They have tons of stylish clothes suitable for work such as jeans, slacks, or corduroys with coordinating button down tops or polo shirts.

They offer cardigans in a wide variety of beautiful colors that brighten up a cold winter day, plus kimono style sweaters that can be worn from fall right through to spring. Old Navy maternity styles for outerwear even include trench coats and jean jackets.

Spring Styles

For spring Old Navy maternity has a wide variety of styles that can go from spring right into summer. Their dresses are available in a wide variety of beautiful styles and colors to make mommy feel beautiful for the cool days and the warm.

Old Navy maternity has comfy capris and skirts that can be combined with any variety of tops for a trendy or professional look. You can also be comfortable as the weather transitions from cold and stormy to sunny and hot.

Summer Fun Styles

Going to the beach in style is easy with all the shorts, tanks, and swimwear Old Navy maternity has to offer. Super-comfortable yoga style shorts and stretchy cool tanks will keep mothers cool even through hot flashes.

Maternity bathing suits don’t have to be uncomfortable or ugly, Old Navy maternity swimsuits come in beautiful colors. They also come in styles that compliment the new curves of a pregnant woman’s changing body.

Fall Fashions

Old Navy maternity pants, capris, skirts, and tops make it easy to transition from the heat of summer to the changing leaves of fall. The slacks and jeans pair so nicely with the summer tops that updating the wardrobe is quick and easy.

All of Old Navy’s maternity clothes have a similar color scheme to make multi seasonal mix and matching practical. Because many women need maternity sizes for the first month or two after giving birth, it’s important to have clothes that feel comfortable for a long period of time and will last through the seasons. Choosing a variety of tops and bottoms from Old Navy’s maternity collection will help a woman go from the beginning of pregnancy to beyond baby in comfort and style.

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