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What are the practices in mental health? Most people believe that mental health experts merely sit and discuss problems with patients. The fact is these experts have more to contend with than merely discussing problems. The experts are responsible to keep notes, evaluate the patient's problems carefully, and find a solution for what is causing the problem. Mental health is never easy since counselors' everyday evaluate patients with all types of disorders, diseases and so forth. Experts commonly study diagnosis such as schizophrenia, posttraumatic stress disorder, histrionic, antisocial, psychopathic, and so forth every day. Since mental health has many areas of study, it is often difficult to find a solution. The many disorders, diseases of the mind, and other related mental health issues are in constant search of developing strategies that work toward a better future. Looking at a few of the diagnoses can help us to understand the practices in mental health. Let us start out light and work our way through a series of complex mental illnesses. While there are many suffering with eating disorders and disconnections the problem seem simple to repair, however it is more complex than many realize. If a person has an eating disorder it is probably linked to a childhood where negligence came into play. For example, the patient may have grown up in a home where money was tight. The parents may have struggled to keep food on the table, and often the child ate one meal per day. Later the child was able to eat two meals per day however, this amount decreased again. The problem starts with nutrition. The patient was malnutrition meaning that a normal eating habit was never developed. Now we have established a root of the problem, we can see that mental will follow since the patient probably feels a sense of resentment toward the lifestyle he or she lived and some of that resentment is on the parents. Regardless of the effort they may or may have not made to feed the children, it was their responsibility to find a solution to maintain a healthy living environment. Probably because this patient was suffering malnutrition the patient was also suffer insufficient emotional support. This is all grounds for eating disorders and disconnection to come into focus. Now what if the patient is anorexia or bulimic? What if the patient has a deeper problem than eating disorders? What if the patient is putting his or her finger down her throat to throw up? Then we are looking at medical, mental, and eating disorders combined. As you can see what seems a simple problem turns into a rollercoaster ride for both the patient and therapist. What about anxiety disorders? So the person gets upset now and then. What is the problem we all do this. First, we must understand that anxiety disorder is not only stress or shaking of the hands when upset. Anxiety disorders include symptoms such as phobia of public, feelings of despair, sadness, hysteria, heart palpitations, sexual conflicts, and the list goes on. Now we started with what seemed to be a simple problem, but after evaluating a few of the symptoms we can see we are looking at a major problem that requires extensive evaluation. Panic disorder is another (what seems to be simple to fix) diagnosis. However, panic disorder like anxiety disorders has complicated symptoms, including phobia, chest pain, breathing difficulties, blackouts, and so on. We can see that the disorder has potential risks since both the body and mind are affected. To treat the disorder we must look at all aspects of the patients, including the symptoms. Not everyone with panic or anxiety disorders suffer the same symptoms. In fact, some patients suffer less than others do. Therefore, we do not have a common ground to stand on, but at the same time, we have common denominators that can direct us in the right path to resolve. Practices of mental health are not as simple as many believe. There is more to mental health than most realizes and this includes the people that study mental health, since they too are always searching for better solutions and answers requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 9:51:49 AM