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What is the psychic mind and how does it take part in mental health? Psychogenic lies outside of scientific insight and is often linked to religious ritualistic and supernatural forces, which are often marked by influences, perception, sensory, morals, immaterial, and so forth. It has been witnessed by few that trauma patients often have a higher level of perception and sensory tools and have been known to have sixth senses and shared pains. This is a new subject that will be addressed later, but I wanted to separate the two. The two are separate from the psychic mind and often linked to the sources. The many psychic minds around the world believe they can communicate with the dead and predict an unforeseen episode. Is it possible that a person can go into another world and speak with those of the past? We will see!
The many people in the world that has helped police officers find murders, help families get in contact with the other world, and has endured attacks on their own lives may not have a psychic intellect, rather they may have an underlying mental illnesses that creates an delusional outlook. We can look at magic practice, which is a series of acts that include illusion and delusion. What happens is the person is led to believe that an act is real when in fact it is not. Another example can be seen in the so-called healers. These people lead others to believe that they can make another individual walk if he or she is in a wheel chair. I learnt information on this subject including that in one case the person had a van parked out in the lot and microphones connected to another individual that acted out the part, and the person in the wheel chair was never paralyzed in the first place. State of illusion-delusion and this happens often in our system. How is this linked to mental illness? Well we can see that the person is an impulsive-compulsive liar that gets rich off misleading others. We are alert to the fact that when a person illustrates a damning behavior it often leads to problems that are more dangerous. Now we come back to the psychic mind where these people are misled into believing they have contact with other worlds and can predict or foreseen outdated. Most likely, the person had some connection in the first place, whether the information was in a book read and forgotten or what-have you. We know from sources that anyone practices magic, employing divination, mediums, sorcerers foretellers and so forth were all recording throughout the history and we are aware that these people are considered evil. Evil however is the source of the problem, while the individual may be thoroughly deceived and probably suffering underlying causes that make them believe as well as make others believe they have a natural ability to talk to the dead. The fact is mind over matter is powerful and can become deadly if a person is twisted in their beliefs and thinking process. The mind alone is powerful and can play tricks with the mind that many will struggle to understand. However if we practice vigilant, and work toward enhancing our skills to hear and listen, as well as reading between the lines, we are working toward a healthy mind that very few will have the opportunity to deceive. This article in no way intended to hurt other person's feelings, rather it is geared to help the audience learn mental health issues, the mind, and why things happen. It is also geared to help the audience see how jealousy, envy, lies, hate, and other elements play a large role in mental health and mental illnesses. Many people in the world suffer mental illnesses and often are not aware of this fact until the behavior that initiated the illness grew into a series of behaviors and thinking processes that escalate to madness. The world has many problems and until we all face up to reality and truth we are never going to find the answers to the many problems that often sit in front of our faces

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