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There are several types of sexual disorders, including pedophilia, sexual masochism, sadism, frotteurism, and so on. Many therapist find treating patients with sexual disorder complex since many factors are involved. Experts have linked sexual disorders to biology, stress, emotional, physiology and so forth. While examining the conflicting disorders they determined that sexual disorders should be broken into separate categories, and are often called 'sexual deviations.' Taking a look at sexual masochism the patient often enjoys pain, indulges in sexual fantasy, enjoys humiliation, ropes, rape, abuse both emotional and physically, mutilation, and so forth. These types of patients are at serious risk of harming those selves or others, and are often enduring symptoms of depression, substance abuse, guilt, and so forth. Any patient with sexual deviations is subject to causing pain on others, and frequently they progress to more severe status in the diagnoses. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is opposite of sexual masochism. Instead of indulging in excessive sexual activities frequently, the hypoactive will shun sexual contact. Patients suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder are often difficult to understand, and symptoms including depression, stress, and anxiousness often prevent the patient from healing quickly. Sexual Sadism is another form of sexual deviation where the patient indulges in sexual fantasies. Like the masochism types, the sadism will often indulge in pornographic materials. Sadism also enjoying inflicting pain, including burning, mutilation, torturing, beating and so forth. Again, this is a sexual deviation disorder, and if not treated it can become very dangerous. From previous studies and observations, I have noticed that these people when they are not released from their sexual desires will stalk, hunt, and attempt to reel someone into their web. If they are unable to find a partner willing to engage in this behavior, they often go off into a delusional state of mind, and can and have become highly dangerous in society. Many are ashamed of their way of thinking, but rarely address the issue. Often the patients are hostage to several fears and in my experiences; I have seen that helping them to find their fears is the source for healing. When I consider sexual deviants, I think of Jeffery Dohmer and several other known predators that tortured, killed, mutilated, and ate the body parts. What a sick individuals, yet there are thousands of people around the world with sexual deviations that has not gone to the level Jeffery has, and may or may not, but it is important to treat them in case. Exhibitionism is more of the show your penis types in public. Exhibitionism patients are often satisfied with the shock expression of their victims, and my illustrate symptoms including low self-esteem, they may not socialize, and often show immaturity patterns. Pedophilia is another sexual deviation that the patient indulges in fantasy, and the action of the patient is usually released on children. Pedophilia patients often suffer insecurities and the need to dominate, they also suffer other related issues, but this type must be evaluated and treated to stop from harming others. Most pedophilia types rarely stop their sexual deviant behaviors. Frotteurism often need to touch. Often in public, they will locate their selves in an area where they can get away after making contact with the victim. Symptoms often include, inability to socialize, fear, shame, inability to assert self, and so forth. Most Frotteurism patients are often caught in action before they will seek out professional help. Anyone that suffers a sexual deviant will often resort to more severe criminal activities if they are not caught. The many rapists, including serial rapists often have a sexual deviant under the surface. Paraphilias are another patient that needs immediate psychological treatment. The patient often suffers urges, and is often stemmed from fantasy, illusion, and pornographic material, as well as fear. Often the patient will inflict pain, humiliation, and other harmful tactics toward the partner or victim. They often are excited by spanking, bondage, restraints, and whipping. There are many types of people in the world with different types of mental illnesses, but when a person has, a sexual deviant underlying then there is always a potential risk. NOT all sexual deviants has killed, raped or abducted, but it does not mean that they will not

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