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There are different levels of symptoms in all diagnosis, and while some symptoms may appear similar to other prognosis, the symptoms should not be confused. It is important to examine a patient closely before diagnosing the patient. Let's examine depression, since it is one of the most common diagnose today. There are many levels of depression, including major depressive episodes, dysthymic, and bipolar manic depression, cyclothymic and premenstrual dysthymic. Diagnosis related to depression often has symptoms such as mood swings. Since, most of the diagnosis is related it is important to examine the patient carefully to properly diagnose the patient. Normal mood swings are common for the most of us, but when a patient illustrates lifted moods, this is known as mania. Major Depressive Episodes often feel a sense of entrapment. Major depressive episodes are also known as unipolar and are often treated with antidepressants. Major depressive episodes are linked to biologic imbalances, negative outlooks, genetics, inability to handle stressors, chemical imbalances, personality flaws, and so on. There is no single cause available that helps us to understand the diagnosis, and to date the prognosis is still under investigation. Since the patients are often treated with antidepressants the patient rarely finds complete recovery, since researchers has proven these medicines are causing harm. Related to many other depressions, major depressive episodes often suffer symptoms including sadness, negative thinking, suicidal tendencies, lack of interest, feelings of despair, and so forth. Often the patients are affected biologically, which includes fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, headaches, and so forth. If the symptoms are severe the patient may even hallucinate, or even illustrate delusional behaviors. NOTE: Schizophrenia and Psychosis as well as other diagnosis have similar or same symptoms; therefore, it is important to examine the patient thoroughly before treating the patient. Anyone with schizophrenia will hallucinate or illustrate delusional behaviors, while those that suffer depression are less extreme and often rare. When a person is illustrating depression, it is important to take the patient to a doctor for thorough examination. In most cases, these people are suffering medical issues that create the depressive behaviors. If you treat the patient medically, it might be possible to avoid psychological treatment. Covering your grounds before becoming a long-term medicine addict can save you additional despair. Bipolar or manic depression has symptoms including mania, effected speech patterns, fatigue or else inability to sleep, overzealous, or under zealous frequently, and so forth. Therapists claim that at least 75% of the patients that suffer bipolar hallucinate or are delusional. Many of the patients with bipolar often treating or act on suicidal thoughts. They also threatening or assault other people around them regularly. Studies has shown that people with bipolar is linked to genetics. Therapists should carefully examine the patient to rule out other disorders, including schizophrenia and psychosis, as well as cyclothymic.
Cyclothymic is a common disorder and is deemed a form of bipolar, less severe. Cyclothymic patients often have mood swings known as 'hypomania." The symptoms are different from what bipolar displays since the diagnosis is less severe. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is associated with the hormones. This is a common stress or depression period when women are menstruating. There were previous arguments regarding this diagnose, however in the early parts of the 90s the diagnosis was added to the DSMIII-R. Symptoms include, diet change, feelings of overwhelmed, anger, irrational thinking, headaches, cramping, bloating and so forth. This diagnosis can easily be misconstrued since abused patients suffer similar symptoms. Doctors often treat patients with PMDD, giving them hormonal therapy. These medicines has proven unhealthy and often do not resolve the problems. Currently researchers are finding that medicines giving to mental ill patients is causing harms, and creating more problems. Not all medicines are bad, but if a patient is taking medications then the professionals are obligated to monitor the patient carefully, examining symptoms and signs closely. If the patient illustrates any signs of side affects, the medicine should be changed, or altered in dosage. Again, there are different levels of symptoms, as well as similar symptoms in few of the diagnosis, therefore anyone treated for mental illness should be carefully examined before diagnosing the patients future. Having a healthy mind keeps us on track

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