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There is not one single moment in our lifetimes that something has not affected our mental health. We all touched by war, hate, prejudice inappropriate materials, actions, influences and so forth. There is not one individual in a world that has not or will not be affected by some act of violence, hate, et cetera. The problem is how we handle it and how much we work to eliminate the behaviors and influences from our lives. We all have a degree of control. We all can say we do not want this behavior or influence in our lives and work hard to terminate it permanently. If we are drinking or drugging heavily we are affecting out mental health and bodies. If we are obsessively worrying, we are affecting out mental and physical health. We all have bills to pay, most of us have kids to rise, and some of us have additional problems that others just do not have. For example, the common person struggles to pay bills, take care of the family and meet someone else's expectations. Some of us however must deal with symptoms including, hallucinations, delusions, illusions, violent outbursts, mood swings, panic attacks, and so forth. It was not enough that the world is troublesome that these individuals had to be struck with an unforeseen force that controls their lives every single day, making it even more difficult than the average to survive. We all have to survive distorted information as well as learned behaviors and therefore this too makes it more complicated to deal with an extra problem some of the people in the world deal with. You would think since these people have a disability and struggle harder than others do, that people would be more sympathizing. Instead, most people shun, poke fun at, mock, and add more problems to the mental ill patient's life than what he or she already has. Therefore, our history is always adding more problems. The more history comes forward or moves backward the more examples, influences and behaviors come in focus. The cruel, ugly, harsh people in the world, coupled with the harsh ruling of the leaders of the world, and bound by the false teachings around the globe, we are definitely heading for destruction rather than recovery. Mental ill people are special people that were picked out from the rest, since these people have a message to relate to others. Most patients with mental illness are brilliant and can tell you something you did not know if you only let them. Under the mental problem lies a person suffering because of history, genetics, the legal system, and the social environments. Underneath that devastated mind lies a person ready to tell you what is going on if you would only listen. This person if giving the chance to talk will tell you more about history than any book you will ever read. This person is going to tell you how the influences in his lifetime passed on their beliefs and behaviors to him. This person is going to tell you that his beliefs were crushed since he or she was forced to conform to other beliefs in society and in the political and legal system. This person is going to lay out a structural foundation that was missed and hit at the same time. Everything a mentally ill person has said, is being noticed somewhere around the world today. Even a paranoid schizophrenia said something that many people laughed at, mocked, humiliated, and disconnecting him or her from reality. For example, paranoid schizophrenias are notorious for saying 'they are out to get me.' The fact is if you pay attention, the person is not lying, since we see it in our political world, our legal world, and even in society. Everyday the law is increasing their control over society. Everyday the political leaders are taking us into a chaotic world, and everyday society is killing, raping, torturing, and the list goes on, yet most people say it cannot happen to me. The fact is, not so long ago terrorists did hit us all. Now do you see where they are coming to get you? They reached all the way over from across seas to try to destroy America. Now if you think you are better than a person with mental illnesses is, then you better step back and take a closer look and listen to the voices, because these people are you and I. these people are a part of our lives that are relating a message, while calling out for help

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