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Why do people go to jail? What caused them to behave this way? What makes them different from everyone else? We can continue asking questions about criminal's mental health status, but we are never going to find an answer that suits us, simply because there are too many illnesses and few solutions to repairing the illnesses. In fact, some of the causes of criminal behaviors are seated on the criminal justice's doorstep. At the beginning of criminal justice came forth a bunch of so-called law enforcement groups that claim to bring forth justice. The twisted theories including flogging, beating, hanging, dismembering, public humiliation, beheading, and the list goes on and on. Therefore, we can see the root of criminals start with the criminal justice system. We all influenced by someone else and if our superior examples are illustrating violence to others, what message are they sending to the world? In fact, the first-known psychopath was recorded in the early 1800s. This person followed the example of the justice system by behaving in manners inappropriately. Howard owned his own drug store and worked around people each day, saving lives while taking other lives and destroying them. This is similar to the justice system strategy, since the law saves lives and takes lives. We can also take a look at the various serial killers in our history and see that these people flogged, hung, beat, mutilated, public humiliated his victims, beheaded, dismembered and so forth. While each killer was different from the other, in most cases each had their own strategy to kill and torture another human. The sad part is the law in these time-tortured individuals that committed less than a felony. What a real bad example to follow, and today the law is still in some areas behaving in this manner. Rapists came in to play when the White Supremacist were allowed to rape the black race and get away with it. Although there was rape, cases before this era the White supremacist provoked sick behaviors in others as they followed closely behind the footsteps. We can ask why do people kill, and rarely find an answer since we must look at a mountain of history information to find out what the links truly are. We know that people suffer mental illnesses and some are dangerous while others are not. We can also look at the criminal justice system and see that the system is a failure in many areas, and there are people in prison that are innocent or should not be there at all. We can look at all the examples in our history and see that these people are responsible for some of the behaviors and crimes that go on in the world today. We can also look at the many minds that are locked up in the system to determine why they do what they do. We can also look at society and see how it operates and what part of responsibility they have in the many crimes and criminals actions. For example, what part do you think racism plays in mental health and crime? Well, I am studying criminal justice today and I can tell you it plays a bigger role than most people believe. What part do the media play in mental health and crime? It too plays a large role. Poverty is another major problem that links crime and mental health or illnesses together. When a person has no out, they often resort to crime, sometimes starting small and sadly most times leading to bigger crimes. However, we also have the white collar and blue-collar criminals. These people are not as special as they believe, since many criminals worked important jobs, maintained a family, and socialized in society. In fact, many of the serial killers did not come from deprived homes as claimed by the law. In fact, few came from law biding homes, and most times the person suffering is suffering because he is a child born from a hereditary nation of chaos. We can ask all types of questions but in one article we could never sum of the true colors, since the law, society, political, religions, history, mental illnesses and so on play a part in crime

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