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When people think of mental health, they think of mental disabilities or disorders. However, mental illnesses include traits, disorders, personality, tendencies and so forth. For example, psychopathic patients may have a personality disorder, psychopathic tendencies or traits. The level of disorder differs in the sense traits are less severe than disorder and tendencies. Often people with these types of disabilities have other diagnostic disadvantages beneath the surface. Let's look at a patient with psychopathic traits. This person is less likely to kill than the person in the next seat with psychopathic tendencies or personality. Although the symptoms are slightly different, neither diagnosed patient with these types of diagnoses should be excused from illustrating violent behaviors. In fact, not everyone with psychopathic disabilities kill. Therefore, to understand mental health and traits, you must understand the entirety of the diagnoses. Traits are distinguishing qualities of a single diagnose. The traits may include similar symptoms illustrated by a full-blown psychopathic, yet not as severe. For example, psychopathic individuals often enjoy starting fires. A patient with psychopathic traits may not start fires, but wish they had the advantage of doing so. These types will often think about the consequences ahead of time, while psychopathic patients will not. The downside of psychopathic traits is that if left untreated this person can break off into tendencies and/or personality disorders, which means danger is lurking closer. Psychopathic like everyone else has many sides to their personality, including a bossy side, adventurous side, normal side, eccentric side, and so forth. Psychopathic patients can play up to a person and that person will see a friendly side that leads him or she to believe the person is a so-called normal. Yet when the person goes home, he or she engages in abnormal behaviors including pornographic materials, obsessive music, and studying the law in an effort to find a loophole to get away with crime. This person might even go home and calculate a strategy to harm the individual that thought he or she was normal. What we are looking at then is a psychopathic individual with the traits leading to tendencies to kill. We are looking at a personality disorder that is so entangled in a web of illusionary thinking. Psychopathic often believe and think differently from the normal society. Some of their thinking is justifiable however; their behaviors make it difficult for others to listen. We a psychopathic thinks killing will relieve his or her pain and suffering, this is obviously an unjustifiable thought. However, if a psychopathic believes that the system is a failure, then he or she is on track in their thinking, since history has proved his or her claims. According to statistics, there are three types of personality disorders that have urges to kill or harm other individuals. Scientist claims that 4 percent consist of Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD), 1 percent Psychopathic, and 3 percent Sociopath. Now the common denominator that the three shares is neither personality type does not have regards for other peoples rights, nor do they show remorse when they harm another. All three of these types of personality often walk around with a deranged look on their face, and all three are deadly. The difference then is not all sociopaths kill and often this type of personality has fewer symptoms than a psychopathic personality type. While the statistics claim there is only 1 percent psychopathic in the world, the statistic are blown off the chart as more of these personality types present them self to society. Many of the psychopathic also have antisocial personality disorders, while antisocial personality patients do not always have psychopathic. However, they may illustrate traits, since like psychopathic, antisocial symptoms include fire starting, bed wetting, harm to animals and people. As you can see understanding traits, personality and tendencies if vital since confusing, one or the other can lead to disaster. The disadvantage of the three listed diagnoses is there is rarely a solution for ending the ongoing mental illnesses. This means that therapy often does more harm than good, and that most of the patients with these diagnoses are destined to crime. Studies are in constant labor working to find answers, but the more they search it seems with these diagnoses that the further that head backwards

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