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Studies have shown that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has exposed that fish oil may help slow down symptoms of ADHD/ADD. The symptoms of ADHD/ADD include coordination disabilities, learning perplexity, hypertension, emotional impairments, inability to focus, impulsive behaviors, short tension span, and more. ADHD/ADD is a common diagnose with many adults and children today, and the studies are showing that Attention Deficit Disorder patients that use fish oils provide more relief than Adderall, Ritalin, and other medications that are often giving to ADHD/ADD patients. Doctors have recently learned that Thyroids, lead poisoning, and other chemicals impairments are responsible for Attention Deficit Disorders in children. The high epidemic, leads researchers to uncover many possibilities to find answer to this ongoing scope of disorders. Doctors have included therapeutic tactics, combing the strategy with medicines and education. The treatment integration for ADHD/ADD patients have proved effective, however doctors are extending their search to find a solution for ADHD/ADD patients, approaching stimulants to resolve the variance. Recent studies have found that stimulants are the leading cause of other epidemic problems in both children and adults. Children today are treated for psychotic episodes, including traits, tendencies, and so forth, as a direct result of medications given to ADHD/ADD patients. Ritalin and Adderall, as well as other stimulating drugs are linked to psychosis, psychoses, bipolar, manic depression, and schizophrenia episodes. The soaring rate of children and adults diagnosed with ADHD/ADD are guinea pigs for the doctors that prescribe the healing medicines. Is it any wonder the world is increasing with problems? Natural resources are currently studied, as the researchers are now finding that natural resources are a better solution than what is offered in stimulants. Researchers have also found that the many that are diagnosed with ADHD/ADD often use alcohol and drugs to relieve their pains and sufferings, and sometimes the stimulants are a direct reason for the addictions. Case studies with Attention Deficit Disorders have shown that Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is an essential element to the central processing of the brain tissues. Studies has shown that the loss of memory, depression, ADHD/ADD symptoms, as well as the many other related problems may very well be linked to low Docosahexaenoic (DHA). Researchers are constantly searching for solutions that are more effective to treating the epidemic of ADHD/ADD, and currently fish oil is the ultimate solution, coupled with therapy and education.

Off Track

I am going to jump off track at this point, since I have done my own analytic studies, research, and observed my son that suffers with Attention Deficit Disorder. I have found in my studies that Chiropractic Solutions are a great resource for effective correction in ADHD/ADD. I have also found that Concentrated Omega3 coupled with Spectrient is also helpful to those that suffer with Attention Deficit Disorders. My son was on medications for more than four years, and all the issues addressed above are true. My son suffers psychosis, ADHD, anxiety, schizophrenia, as well as other symptoms. Since I stopped going to the doctor, and treating him with natural resources, my son is now improving with his behaviors, actions, and so on. There are days that are bad for him, but he is now able to admit when he is wrong. I found that doctors do not always have the answers, and believe that the doctors that study ADHD/ADD need to listen more to the patients and the parents since these people are constantly dealing with this type of situation daily, and sees more than any doctor could ever see. In my study, I also noticed that many counselors are lacking in the treatment for ADHD/ADD patients, by instantly sending them to a psychologist for medications. I am firm believer that education is the ultimate solution for many of those suffer with diagnosis, including schizophrenia, psychosis, psychotics, multiple personality disorder, ADHD/ADD and so on.

The only disorder or diagnose that I recommend to KEEP as far away from education in some areas is sociopath and psychopathic. I watched as these personality types use education to their advantage to hurt others. I have a second son with psychopathic tendencies, intermittent explosive disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, impulsive control disorder, and other disorders and as I watched him, he studied the legal structure in an effort to find a way to kill and get away with it requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 11:11:52 PM