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Since new studies are proving that, many antidepressants are associated with heart attacks, strokes, behavior problems, and so on why are they still prescribing drugs. Why, because they cannot answer the thousands of question about mental health, and they are unable to find a solution in many cases to treat each individual mental illness successful…Therapists are finding that listening to the patients and including therapeutic techniques is often better than drugging the patients. Since the beginning of time, mental illness has touched our lives. Starting with Cain and Able, we can see Cain's obsessive behaviors and jealous outrages lead him to kill his own brother in cold blood. What was he thinking? He wanted attention that Able received, and he wanted something that was not rightfully his for the taking. Throughout the episode Adam and Eve had nothing but problems, and was often consumed finding a way to survive in a chaotic environment. Later through the centuries, others followed Cain's example, while others broke off into a more deadly game. How much deadly can it get when murder is involved. Try murder in numbers, or mutilation, dismembered, beheaded, slaughter, and so forth. All for the love of money in some cases, and all for the hatred buried in the mind of the deadly predators that walk out earth. Mental illnesses come in all forms and none of us is excluded from illnesses of the mind. If you have jealousy in your blood, you have a mental ill element that could lead to a much greater problem. If you have envy in your blood, you have the beginning of a created delusion that will escalate if the problem is not dealt with. In other cases, the problem could bury itself under the surface never brining harm to others, but will soon create more bad habits. The problem grows as mental health experts start distributing prescription drugs that increase behaviors, psych the mind, and controls the mind, while burying the problems underneath. Some antidepressants are dangerous if stopped abruptly. Antidepressants such as Effexor XR if stopped abruptly will increase symptoms such as, suicidal tendencies/thinking, violent outbursts, enraged attitudes, impulsive behaviors and so. The person obviously has something that was buried under the medication and was triggered by the chemicals combined in the drug. Antidepressants in some instances has proven dangerous, yet mental health experts around the world continue to prescribed such chemical laced dangers to mental illnesses of all sorts. It has been proven in some instances that antidepressants will increase alcohol and/or drug addiction symptoms, as well as causing major heart attacks, or damage to bone structures, which leads to many fractures. Examining medications and mental health is often difficulty since we have to consider that the advocate and the enemy are working together to bring forth a destruction. When we think of help, we know that when a person helps another that it is always a good thing. However, some of us that believe that we have a piece of paper think that we have all the answers. Otherwise, some may feel that playing against the odds is the best solution for finding the problems. The sad part is more mentally ill individuals are aware that the experts are making numerous mistakes every single day, and they are placing the blame on everyone but the ones making the mistakes. How sad when we are all one people, one nation, and under one rule. When it comes to the mind, the last thing anyone should do is play around with problems existing. In my experience, I watched as psychiatrist prescribed a young boy with drugs that created more problem than what was already in existing. The boy was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, Psychopathic Tendencies, and the list goes on, and the doctors were foolish enough to give this child drugs that made him more deadly than he already was. In turn, the doctor ignored the patient when he said this only makes me angry than I already am. Now when this person goes to jail, he is the one looked down upon, but if someone was to recognize the truth and come out of denial, they are the ones in the wrong

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