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Nestled near the shores of the beautiful Okanagan Lake sits a little city named Kelowna. Unknown to most of the world, Kelowna, British Columbia is known as the small city that offers the world. All around Kelowna sits beautiful mountains, pristine lakes, orchards, abundant gardens, pine forests, sandy beaches and vineyards. This wonderful area has long summers and short mild winters. Tourists, who have found Kelowna, return over and over. This is the quiet, lovely getaway that everyone dreams of finding. The wine tasting festivals are in the summer and the winter. The luxurious spa retreats are plentiful and affordable, for the world has not yet discovered the graciousness of Kelowna. Microdermabrasion in Kelowna means microdermabrasion with diamonds. Where else but Kelowna could you utilize diamonds in your spa treatments?

Microdermabrasion With Diamonds

Traditionally, microdermabrasion in Kelowna meant blasting your face with tiny crystals through a tube. Diamonds have become the latest breakthrough in the field of skincare. Microdermabrasion in Kelowna exfoliates and polishes your skin with a diamond tipped wand. All women love diamonds, so naturally combining them with the other greatest breakthrough in skin care makes perfect sense. Women come from all over the world to experience the microdermabrasion treatments of Kelowna. The diamond tipped wand is used to hydrate and oxygenate the smooth fine lines and dry patches of a woman’s skin. This resurfacing procedure is a wonderful alternative to laser or chemical peels. Microdermabrasion in Kelowna can be used on sun damaged skin, rough texture, sallow tone, age spots and acne scaring with excellent results. The diamond tipped wand is used in place of the skin vacuum cleaner, so your face will not be sandblasted. The DiamondSkin-Particle Free-Microdermabrasion/Oxygen Machine is the most advanced resurfacing machine currently on the market. Microdermabrasion in Kelowna has set the new standard in skin rejuvenation. It has taken the old treatment and adapted and modernized it with the DiamondSkin system.

The diamond wand that is used in microdermabrasion Kelowna is embedded with natural diamond chips that are sifted to exact micro size. They effectively polish away dead skin cells to expose healthier skin and in turn, promote new growth. This treatment is painless and leaves your skin feeling silky and looking younger. The DiamondSkin Microdermabrasion Kelowna wand has the exfoliating action of diamond chips, the stimulating action of a vacuum and the re-hydrating effects of oxygenated air. Diamonds are beautiful in any setting no matter what size they are.

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