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In today’s fast paced life, people do not have time or do not want to indulge in cooking at home and hence end up having unhealthy eating habits. People who are looking for a healthier life style and quick vegetarian recipe can choose Italian cuisine that is simple and quick to prepare.

Initially, Italian cuisine was not much inclined towards vegetarian taste buds, and the history shows that they were traditionally meat lovers. But slowly, this inclination shifted more towards vegetarian cooking and recipes, and now, it is easy to get Italian recipe food in any part of the world that is enjoyed by people of all ethnic groups.

Few Quick Vegetarian Recipe Dishes

If you are short of time and planning for a quick vegetarian recipe, quick bread pizza is an option to go for. The preparation time is 2 minutes for each bread slice and the ingredient are simple to get.

This quick vegetarian recipe requires finely chopped onions, bell peppers, green chili and salt, nicely mixed in a bowl and divided into equal portions. Apply some tomato sauce on the bread, place the mixture and sprinkle some cheese on top. Place the breads in an oven for 2 minutes and once golden brown, serve with tomato ketchup.

Such quick vegetarian recipe is ideal for quick snacks either for kids or for guest paying sudden visit. Similarly you can target garlic bread and other quick vegetarian recipe that are ideally suited for such times.

Another quick vegetarian recipe is spaghetti with tomato sauce and it takes around 10 minutes to prepare and can serves 4 people with heavier appetite. There are many other varieties of Italian pastas and pizzas, which provide a mixture of various combinations that can be used to prepare various Italian dishes.

Italian cuisine is famous all around the world and the combination of vegetables, fruits, cheese and other variety of grains, cooked with olive oil makes the dish unique and sumptuous.

One should however note that a quick vegetarian recipe is not a substitute for a full wholesome meal. Generally people should adopt good eating habits that meet the daily nutritional requirement of the body. Any quick meal is a fill-in factor to keep up the energy level and the ultimate target of a quick vegetarian recipe is to achieve the same. You can include lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products to quick vegetarian recipes to make it healthy and tasty.

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