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How To Become A Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse

Defining What Exactly Physical Rehabilitation Is All About
May 5th, 2016

Many people in their lives will experience some time of injury or require surgery which leaves us disabled or weak in some fashion. To recover from these injuries our muscles need to rebuild their strength and conditioning and this is where physical rehabilitation therapy comes into play. Rehabilitation is a focus on strengthening weak muscles to help regain flexibility and muscle tone so that some one can recover from an injury quicker and return to their normal lives.

Depending on the seriousness of the injury, the level of physical rehabilitation required may vary. For example, someone has recently broken their arm may need to slowly rebuild strengthen in the muscles that had not been used over a long period of time. Physical rehabilitation may only require small exercises which will help slowly wake up the muscles. On the hand, if someone recently had a major surgery such as a replacement of a hip or knee physical rehabilitation therapy can take months to help regain strength and flexibility so that the patient can return to their normal lives.

Common Goals

Return muscles to original state: Physical rehabilitation focuses on returning normal use back to the patient. Those in need of physical rehabilitation are patience who have lost normal day to day use of a limb are in need of assistance to help return to normal.
Build strength and flexibility: The process of physical rehabilitation involves the working of the injured or recovering part of the body to slowly build strength back. In addition, muscles that have not been used for a period of time need to be stretched and loosened. Physical rehabilitation focuses on building your muscle mass back so that you can complete your normal day to day tasks as well as stretching them out as to avoid future injuries.
Treat the patient. Rehabilitation can require both the actual working of the muscle as well as the treatment of the pain the patient is feeling by prescription of physical medicine rehabilitation.

Human bodies are an amazing thing and require all parts to work in order for us to function. When injured, we need to look to physical rehabilitation to return our bodies to the original state in order to truly be healed of an injury. Without physical rehabilitation injuries can take twice if not longer to heal and recover as injuries can keep returning if not treated properly with the use of physical rehabilitation.

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