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Rehabilitation services and physical therapy of all sorts is important and necessary for you to be educated, but there is a specific type of rehabilitation services known as inpatient rehabilitation services and which you are definitely going to want to be more aware of.

Inpatient rehabilitation services are just like any other type of rehabilitation services, only they take place in the facility, as opposed to outpatient rehabilitation services which would take place outside the facility, such as in the patient’s home.

If you are interested in finding inpatient rehabilitation services for yourself, here are a few of the top options to help you get started.

Providence Care Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

They have 46 beds for adults, ages 16 and older, who need around the clock nursing care and an interdisciplinary, holistic program of rehabilitation. Each patient has an individualized program supervised by a physiatrist here, which is a doctor that has been specially trained in rehabilitation medicine. This means that you are dealing with only the best of the best, medical staff who know what they are doing and who are going to help you achieve the best results.

They provide a few different impairment-specific programs, including the Acquired Brain Injury Program, Amputee Program, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Program, Spinal Cord Injury Program, and the Stroke Rehabilitation Program.

Preparing for discharge is an important process, and discharge planning really begins soon after admission. Weekend and day passes are introduced, at the discretion of the rehabilitation team.

Lakeridge Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit

Other inpatient rehabilitation services that you may want to consider is offered by the Lakeridge Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. They are a hospital-based center that features a program which provides inter-disciplinary, goal-oriented therapy for patients requiring intensive short-term rehabilitation. The unit provides inpatient diagnostics and offers an interdisciplinary approach.

Make sure that you talk to your doctor before agreeing to enter into any of these rehabilitation services. This is for a couple of reasons. Mainly, you just want to make sure that whatever rehabilitation center you are going to is going to offer you what you need to get better. You also want to be sure that the professionals working there – in particular the doctors – are trained and qualified and able to take you on.

Your doctor will be able to give you a list of the top rehabilitation services in your area, and which they would recommend for your particular situation.

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