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If an individual is going through a severe alcohol problem, an inpatient alcohol rehab center is a good choice. It is definitely an expensive option, but it offers the client a favorable environment and constant care normally in a hospital setting. The inpatient alcohol rehab units in hospitals have to adhere to strict medical standards in order to attain their license.


A client can be treated in an inpatient alcohol rehab for a minimum period of 28 days to a maximum of one year. The clients are treated here according to the medical model, and the first step is normally a supervised detox treatment. This is then followed by specialized treatments, differing from one case to another.

For some rehab clients the inpatient alcohol rehab is like a getaway from the family and away from several pressures from friends and workplace as well. Most clients look forward to the singular focus here on the recovery issue and have found it beneficial for long-term recovery.

Programs Offered

Some of the clients entering the inpatient alcohol rehab have been through medical exams, psychological exams and psychiatric consultations at an outpatient alcohol rehab. If they haven’t been through these tests, they are done as soon as the client is admitted to the inpatient alcohol rehab. Here there are more individual sessions with a doctor, individual counseling, group therapy, men’s groups, women’s groups, medication management, exercise and recreation, back-to-work planning, relapse prevention and sober living skills, just to name a few options.

A lot of focus is shifted from the client’s alcoholism to mental health and other physical issues. Holistic approaches are practiced quite often nowadays and sometimes recovery is also sought through a religious framework. This multidisciplinary approach shows the common trend to focus on several areas to ensure a complete healing of the individual.


You should clarify the forms of insurance and payment plans of the inpatient alcohol rehab before you check yourself in or your loved one. The facility should be good at matching individualized needs. After the inpatient treatment, find out whether they offer follow-up care, so that you can consult them or ask them for help after the inpatient treatment is over.

There are multitudes of inpatient alcohol rehab centers in the country. The treatment in such a center is effective because it is under the guidance of professionals, and this is the best way to wipe out alcoholism from your life. Since the individuals reside in a different environment, where they are kept under vigilance and extreme care at all times, there is a good chance of recovery from alcoholism. The clients are also taught new means to adapt to new situations, so that they can prevent the relapse of alcoholism as well.

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