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When most people hear the word rehabilitation these days they think of drug rehabilitation, because we are so used to seeing people around the world getting addicted to drugs and going into rehab. However, the actual definition of rehab refers to a program that is used to help a person recover from some sort of an injury or an illness.

Physical therapy exercise is critical to get the person back onto their feet literally and help them get back to living life as they once did. There are quite a few different options when it comes to physical therapy exercise, different exercises that focus on specific areas of the body.

Best Physical Therapy Exercise

When it comes to the best physical therapy exercise, there are a few exercises in particular which are extremely effective and which you will want to learn more about.

Balance exercises are very helpful, and doing a simple leg stance is a great way to get started. The single leg stance is a great exercise to help you improve balance. All you need to do in order to perform this exercise is stand behind a chair, hold onto the chair back with both hands, and then slowly lift one leg off the ground.

You want to maintain your balance standing on one leg for 5 seconds, and then return to starting position and repeat 5 times. Perform with the opposite leg.

Another exercise you should try is for the groin. A groin stretch occurs when the muscles of the inner thighs are stretched beyond their normal length, and this results in tears within the muscle that causes pain and inflammation.

To perform the seated stretch you want to sit with your knees and bent and feet together in a criss-cross fashion. Gently press the tops of the knees down towards the floor with your elbows, and then stop when a slight stretch is felt. Make sure that you stop here and do not keep pushing, otherwise you can end up seriously injuring yourself. Then hold this for about ten seconds and repeat five times.

Exercising daily plays a crucial role in the process of healing and recovering from injury or disease, and this is the goal of physical therapy exercise. Stretching and strengthening your muscles and joints is critical if you want to get better, and so all the exercises mentioned here will be very helpful to you in terms of your recovery. requests per minute. Scraper Total time: 0 seconds. Current time: 6:42:13 PM