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In an alcohol rehab program it is not enough just to provide alcohol rehab, other mental health issues have to be addressed as well. A client who is participating in an alcohol rehab program may suffer from mental health complications. In fact, a large percentage of alcoholics have mental health complications before their onset of alcohol dependence. After being an alcoholic, they revert to mood-related complications like depression. Hence it is important for every alcohol rehab program to include mental health treatments in addition to alcohol rehab services.

Getting Started

An alcohol rehab program is structured at an alcohol rehab center according to the client’s individual needs and the readiness to recover and change. In the beginning the individuals are given medication to control cravings or reduce withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes screening for mental health conditions is also necessary.

Dual Diagnosis

The alcohol rehab treatment in an alcohol rehab program should be nationally recognized, and hence the reputation of the rehab center is vitally important. Alcoholics often have dual and multiple addiction and mental health disorders and the program should cater to a dual diagnosis.

Dual diagnosis describes the condition of a person who is affected both by alcohol and an emotional or psychiatric illness. Research has proved that if a person is affected by an addictive disorder like alcoholism, that individual is often affected by an emotional condition or mental illness. All conditions should be simultaneously treated in an alcohol rehab program, and this makes recovery easier.

Alcoholic Anonymous

A very important inclusion in any alcohol rehab program is attending the meetings of Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). It is a recognized alcohol rehab program and has been proved effective for recovering alcoholics, but not everyone can respond to the style or message of the AA’s. There is no harm in giving it a try, but other recovery approaches are available like rehab centers which give more individualized attention. Sometimes AA works well in combination with other forms of treatment like counseling and medical care. It is important for each individual to choose the alcohol rehab program that is most suitable and where the individual feels comfortable and cared for.


Unfortunately, some alcohol rehab programs or addiction treatments handle and treat only one condition, and the result is that many people are inappropriately treated or under-treated. Just a single course of treatment should not be a part of the alcohol rehab program. The program should offer a comprehensive treatment which treats all conditions, addictions and disorders.


The support of family members is important for the process of recovery, and hence there are alcohol rehab programs which offer brief marital counseling and family therapy as a part of the treatment. You could also have an alcohol rehab program which can link the individual with vital community resources like legal assistance, job training, childcare and parenting classes.