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Ad Aware - The Good, the Bad and the Computer Crashers

Are Those Free Shareware Programs That Detect Spyware All They Are Cracked Up To Be?
April 27th, 2017

Be a Responsible Computer Owner - Get Spyware Removal Software!

When you hear of a company offering a free demo for software, you generally think that you may be able to get a good feel for the product. As wonderful as the whole idea of free demos may sound, there are many things they do not tell you when you are downloading the software. Little do they tell you about the product, how it is suppose to work, what if any little glitches there might be and so forth?

Say for sake of argument that you wish to install a free 30-day demo, of XYZ's Spyware zapper. You go through the whole process of filling out their entire asterisk lined "mandatory" boxes, complete and complimentary on your part and even including your e-mail address. You then run the whole thing onto your machine, and guess what? You bet your life you did. You gave another Spyware company all your information. Isn't it funny how that happens, seemingly right under your nose. So, away you go with the program, hoping to find a shimmer of hope that this will remove all that junk off your machine. Of course not knowing this, you have placed their version of Spyware, on to the machine you are trying to protect. Anyone who has been around this nonsense before, know that the demo version is less than comprehensive or effective to begin with. One would never assume that this program would in turn do the very thing that you are trying to prevent. While you are trying to figure out the very sparse and meager demo version of this so called anti Spyware program, the distribution company is placing your name on a list. This list, which has your name on it, is not a blank page. The page is full of names of people that have clicked on the very same program. What is to happen next is to be frank, quite appalling. They are going to sell that list to the free net; they are going to have your name and personal information spread to all the possible marketers on the World Wide Web.

At this point, all of the people that are on this list are subject to constant badgering from the marketers, this will come by way of pop up and e-mails. Your e-mail inbox is going to get flooded, anything and everything will appear in your box. Not only are you going to be flooded, so are the countless thousands of people who have fallen prey to this clever yet annoying marketing tactic. When you realize this it will be too late, it is the needle and the damage done theory. Sure this demo will remove some of the Spyware, some of the programs out there are very weak. It will however, not be able to remove them all. Most notably the very product that is meant to do the job in the first place, this little gem will be around for a while. Another quaint yet extremely annoying aspect of all this, is the company that gives you the demo, rarely called the product by the same name. This in turn makes for a very tricky removal as well, how do you know exactly what you are removing if you do not know its name? There are many different forms of Spyware to date; the good ones are not even mentioned as such. They are in a sheep's clothing. Today this is such a common problem, so many people fall into these nasty little traps. While all they were looking for was a chance to check out a product before deciding to buy it.

This is in every way shape and form, a nasty and sneaky way to do business. Why would someone want to buy a product from someone whom has set his or her computer up for a world on trouble? While these Spyware programs attack and monitor your cookies, you will find aggravation around every bend on the net. When it completely comes down to it, these programs that are free are not what they are cracked up to be. When you think long and hard about it, why would they offer the program free of charge in the first place