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Industry Spying through the Use of Spyware

Intentional Spyware - Parental Controls And Keylogging
May 27th, 2017

Is your Computer Moving Slower Than a Pentium 2? You Might Have Spyware!

Those of you who are parents will understand the reason for using intentional spyware. As easy as it is for those who wish to do harm to your computers, it is just as easy for those who wish to do harm to your children to do so through our computers. They can mask as young teenagers and will go into the teenager's chat rooms. Kids are simply having a good time and not paying attention to those they could actually be talking to. Another reason for this is to keep off unwanted content from the computer. Your teenager may be very curious about the information that is available and will begin downloading pictures and information that may not be appropriate. This article will look at intentional spyware that is available for parents.

PC Tattletale Parental Control Software: This software is able to capture everything your child does online. You will be able to see whom they talk to, where they go, and what they key in. This software is easy to use because it automatically monitors and records everything they do. The recording of traffic is not simply one-sided, such as what your child does, but also the response they receive through e-mails or instant messages. Your child may attempt to put a password on the computer to keep you away from their "pages"; however, this software will record that also. Nothing is hidden. Another nice feature about this is that it not only monitors your child's activity when they are on-line but will also monitor and record when they are off line as well.

Ignite Software: This is a powerful tool that you can use to monitor your child's conversation while they are using AOL instant messenger. If you use this software, you will be able to save all conversations, also use special block features, and limit the amount of time your child is online as well as set up the time they can log in. Therefore, if you are not home and your child tries to log in they will not be able to until the time that you have specified. You can set chat filters to block out offensive speech or even entire chat rooms.

KidSplorer: This is a unique software program that is a web browser designed for kids to use safely. When your kids use this browser, they will be prevented from going to inappropriate sites. They will not be able to run other programs to get to inappropriate sites. You can set up the access you want them to have to the internet and block the sites you do not want them to visit on the internet. You can lock any part of the computer you do not want them to have access to. Set a time limit on the computer. You can also set up the browser to match what your child enjoys doing.

iProtectYou Pro 7.03: This program allows you to manage the amount of time your child spends on the computer and control the web sites they are allowed to visit. You can block emails and chat rooms as well as block out inappropriate language. This software will record everything your child does so that you can be sure they are operating in a safe environment.

WebWatcher: Not only allows you to monitor the actions of your child on the computer but also allows you to look at the recorded data from any computer in the world. You can also monitor what your child is doing while they are chatting, emailing or simply surfing on the Web. This software is user friendly and powerful. Not only can you monitor what your child is doing you can lock out sites or chat rooms that are not appropriate. This software records not only instant messages and emails but also every keystroke they make. To make this even more appealing this software is invisible.

Children today often no more about computers than their parents do so when choosing parental software to install it is a good idea to find one that is invisible and one that your children cannot disable. You want to research the product you are going to choose carefully. It would be very disheartening to spend precious time installing parental software only to come home from work to find your child disengaged it