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Network Nervous Nellies - Spyware Problems Network Administrators Face

Nothing's Private These Days With Spyware Around
May 28th, 2017

Porn - The Biggest Spyware and Adware Computer Menace of Them All

There is no real privacy these days on the Internet. There are programs out there that can force you to links you don't want to go to and keyloggers that give people your passwords and social security number. Where can you even dream about finding safety when browsing the net anymore these days? At its best, spyware just runs as a background application when you start up your computer. It does make your computer run a bit slower by hogging your RAM and process power. At it annoying stage, it generates endless pop-ups that you can't seem to get rid of. You will download a million pop-up blockers to be thwarted each time. What you don't realize yet is that the program is on your computer so it doesn't get blocked. It can even reset your browser's home page so you get an ad every time you log on. Spyware butts into what you are trying to do by redirecting your web searches to the site it wants you to go to. This makes using the search button useless. It also modifies the dynamically linked library that allows you to connect to the net. You can and will get connectivity problems and failures that you cannot find a source for.

If you are the unlucky one to run into the really bad spyware, then you can be in trouble. This stuff makes browser issues look like a treat. This spyware can modify your Internet settings. If you use dial up, you could end up dialing out to porn or sex numbers that will leave you with outrageous phone bills. Your firewall settings can be changed to invite more unwanted guests into your computer. They can be in the form of unwanted programs or worse like viruses, worms, and trojans. Many of them are smart enough to see when you try to get rid of them in the Windows registry and intercept your attempt. They move or clone themselves to a new location. They will even hide files under strange names in remote places just to mess with you. Some will even let others know what you type. It translates the clicks you make to actual characters that will release your most private information. Not only can these programs intercept your messages, browsing, and e-mails, but will also steal your online passwords to anything they can get and even your social security number. Nothing you do will be safe.

One can only speculate why a program like this should be made. Advertisers swear it won't hurt your computer and it is just a simple and effective advertising tool. Really? How many people you know scream in delight when they get blocked from reading what they actually wanted to see by a highly irritating pop-up window? All this does for the advertisers is allow them to claim that you purchased something because of what they gave you. Every time you go to click it off and accidentally click it on, they are in their seats saying see they want and need this. What is truly going on is that you wish you could get rid of it forever. Really, wouldn't you have typed that into the search engine to begin with? Why do you have to have some one force-feeding you with stuff you could care less about? They don't even tell you the truth. They stick up an excruciatingly annoying window that tells you to claim a prize that doesn't exist. If you actually click on the link to claim your so-called prize, it just is an ad and away to buy it.

Another tool the spyware manufacturers use is to try to sabotage the affiliate marker. Major companies like Amazon or eBay offers credit to a website that directs traffic their way and gives them a commission. The spyware program will capture your inquiry to these sites and take the credit for sending you there. So, the link that actually brought you to the site gets no commission for the sale. Most people consider that theft. If you were on Bob's vintage chair site and clicked a link to buy a vintage chair, it is Bob that should receive his pay, not some blood-sucking leech from your computer. With spyware out there, you might as well give over all your information and computer and let spyware companies just send you stuff through UPS. No matter what these companies claim, this is not legal. No one has the right to install software on your computer that you have to pull teeth to get off. It truly appears that no matter how illegal spyware is it continues to plague every Internet user