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Why It Makes Sense to Have More Than One Spyware Detection Software on your Computer

Why Some Spyware Software Gives You False Negatives On Spyware Detection
April 27th, 2017

Your Computer Has BHO - Browser Helper Object

There are many reasons why an anti-spyware program will not pick up a piece of spyware. It truly depends on the way you have your settings programmed and what type of anti-virus and/or anti-spyware you are running. Many shareware or freeware programs are never detected as spyware in your computer. Programs like Limewire will not be detected as spyware because even though they have malicious files attached to them they themselves are safe. Most programs such as this also have a paid version that will not contain adware or any other type of spyware, as long you are willing to pay for the service. Many free programs are based on spyware as part of their packaging. This is what allows them to be free to the public instead of costly. The programmer gets money from the affiliate to install this bundle onto remote computers. So it really won't matter how great your anti-spyware or anti-virus protection is these large shareware and freeware programs themselves will not be detected. If you are luck the software you download from them will be. The largest problem with why spyware is not detected on ones PC is the fact that most people are running old, stolen, or free anti-spyware or anti-virus.

Many people figure that the free anti-spyware or anti-virus is great because it is free. That is not the case at all. Free anti-spyware or anti-virus is a tester to show you how the program works and not recommended as true protection. It cannot be updated and could be several years old. This could leave a user vulnerable to anything malicious that has been circulating since. Even the scanning capabilities are much less than with a paid version of software. It will only detect weak viruses and spyware not the aggressive types that can lead you to ruin. It can sound great to hear the free word but it won't sound good in the long run for sure. You could download 30 different types of free anti-spyware programs and still not get any true protection. In order to be truly protected and to the fullest you have to be willing to pay for it.

Many people have anti-spyware and anti-virus programs that gave them a free 90-day service when they first bought their PC. Once this expires and you opt to not renew, you are no longer protected. Yes, you will still have the protection you had while in the 90-day trial period, but not a second more. The company did this to give you a taste of what they have to offer you and how well they updated you so you would purchase. Once you choose not to pay you lose the updates and your anti-anything goes bad. All the old malware out there may be covered but you will not be protected in real time or from new programs. This will allow spyware to be downloaded onto your system and also make it impossible to quarantine or delete any new infections from your computer at all. They will continue to infest you and then pass themselves via whatever method they need to all the computers linked to your machine.

The other cocky computer-savvy individuals who believe they are so PC smart will go to hacker sites to download anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. These programs will come with a key as if you purchased it. Wonderful you say? Sign me up! Well you may want to think twice. If a silly want-to-be-computer cracker thinks they now have free software, then imagine what a huge multimillion-dollar corporation has. This program may install and the key might work temporarily. But what one will soon find out is that they program does not run right or it has errors. It may run and act fine but not truly update on new threats. These large companies know when software has been stolen and cracked. What they do is reconfigure it to not work with their new system so the users of the stolen goods will not get any benefit. These companies have money to sink into their product and will not be willing to let anyone have a free version for long. So, before you think about using a program that you didn't have to pay for, you might want to consider what it could do to you system when it is unable to detect an infection